The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Are those Budgies with Akubras photoshopped onto them?


Blood trails would be cool, though


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin vs HITMAN 2




This is so true. I’ve had Hitman Blood Money in my Steam library for like 7 years. Never knew what to do. Got into Hitman with 2016 and now I want Hitman 2(018) to shut up xD



And hey while yous are here how do I unlock the lockpick in Hitman 2’s legacy pack? I don’t own Hitman 2 x2, just the legacy pack. Is it possible for me to get it? It’s not showing up in my inventory but from memory it’s there from the start in Hitman 6 right? Cheers


it’s in the training missions, you have to complete 3 opportunities in the Final Test


OH SWEET ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST! Cheers dude, guess I shouldn’t have skipped those lol



If you can follow the subtle meta-narrative it gets funnier.


Briefcase physics are just hilarious





New Hitman game leaked


At least he kept his iconic gun


Dayum booooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii she thicc A F

(mild NPC nudity)


what the fuck is up with her right uhhhh
you know what I mean


Clear path, you, m.f. I am going home.




‘Quite a conundrum, 47. Two of us, only one of you. You can only attack one of us, but the other will flush you down this double-leevered toilet. Go on, try it. I’d love to see who the ICA might send next after we “relieve” you’

‘Unnerved, 47? You’re in your full right to be so. I’ve managed to dig up some information on your creator and his projects and have now started my own little pet project. Is it not beautiful? In fact, it is not only beautiful, it is also deadly. The tingling sensation you’re feeling inside your veins is me. Soon you will lose consciousness and when you awake, your mind will be replaced by a copy of mine. Goodnight, 47.’

‘Ah, there you are, 47. You’re just in time for the unveiling of my clone army. Each of us identical to one another, and unlike your clone brothers, we’re not completely inept. Taking down one of us means that the others have a wide window of opportunity to take you down. I wonder which one of us is the original?’

‘Oh, and you better act fast. I’m just about to activate Big Sean, and you wouldn’t want to mess with Big Sean, do you?’


A little spoiler about story!


Third pic is @badeaguard :laughing: