The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


For the record I left Diana and not she me. Ok?


Yup you left her for the prototype Diana/handler that was never used in the game :joy:




So I gotta post this for all the sheikhs in the franchise:

Please don’t be offended, we’re all friends here.


Thank you for your devotion @Travis_IOI :wink:


Very low quality/effort meme I should find something else to do with my life then make shitty memes


When you are going through the potato chip minefield in Singapore and instead of stealth you are like…




The virgin vs. chad meme you never knew you wanted


Signing on for Tuesday morning :slight_smile:


I have an idea about this meme.


You crush: Diana in Absolution
You: Agent Smith :rofl:


I take umbrage with this meme 47 does waaaay cooler things in HITMAN WoA than he did in Blood Money


I think I’m addicted to Bean-posting, help meeeeeeeee-

‘I see you managed to find my location, 47. Sadly, you are too late. I have already finished my latest creation. Is it not beautiful? It is neither cow nor tyre: It is an ultimate being taking on the best aspects of both its parents. I see the fear in your eyes, 47, but don’t worry. It’ll make your death quick but I can’t promise that it’ll be painless.’

‘I’m afraid you’re off to a rough start, 47. I play Pot of Greed, which allows me to draw 2 additional cards.’


“YOU FOOL! You just activated my Trapcard“ - Mark Faba



Goodbye. Old friend. :sob:


Did the same. Don’t regret it.


47 in contracts looks so fucking depressed. Lmao :joy: