The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread





Don’t take this one too serious :joy: :joy:


Can’t help it - Absultion’s 47 is bald Robbie Williams. The evidence is clear (his face)


A classic one:



Kronstadt played us like a damn fiddle



So my/our Christmas this year :santa::grin:


‘What’s this, 47? You tried to crudely photoshop a ridiculous santa hat and facial hair on to me in order to earn some HMF Hearts in time for Christmas? You’ve outdone yourself this time - in futility, that is!’

‘For you see, while you were trying to be witty I made sure to give Sean Junior here the perfect getup for the festive season. A three dimensional hat and the most lush beard Adobe Stock has in its database! Now I will earn all the Hearts you so desire, while your posts are left with none’

‘Its going to be a Silent Night for you, 47. Dare I say, a Holy Night even?’


Diana voice

THAT is impressive!


I don’t know why his face made me laugh so hard…


That was great!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Every year baby … every year! :joy:



Oh, and about this new “feature”…


It somewhat belongs here:

The NPC’s don’t go KO so you can really mess with them :joy:


:evergreen_tree: :christmas_tree: :evergreen_tree:


Already at 420?
That’s pretty high.


Is it legit?


How? I don’t understand what happened there.


Obviously, my video is fake.
It’s just a joke related to the broken rating system:

I mean, today we can get SA after get spotted, what’s next?


Hahaha, well played! You had me fooled. Goes to show I too am wary of what IO could come up with next in terms of ratings.


All we wanted is to not loose SA when killing a target that spotted us and we get this :persevere: