The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Apple:Perfect item for an asshole that has everything =D


Hitman Series Target WAIFU RANKINGS!

Swap Parvati and Reynard and it’s all correct :wink:


IOI: "Here’s a briefcase, pack your abnormally large sniper rifle. HAVE FUN"


OH, forgot to mention @badeaguard lmao


haha, the side eye is perfect. the eyes actually moving are the best part of new-47’s face


Where is Lie Ling??



She ain’t a target. She’d be a low-mid tier hoe though


Alright cool hehe



I am sorry but in what possible universe is Alma placed lower than Layla or Jade?




The list was made by someone not attracted to women in the first place. Alma is the top of the bill in every corner of that graph <3


Jade is determined, cool and ambitious.

Layla’s loyal and doesn’t bullshit around and it’s obvious that even just a little bit she isn’t very keen on doing the shit she does. And although Jade ranks higher than her in other ways, she’s a lot more memorable than Jade.

Alma’s just kind of whatever. Yeah she’s hot but the other two have more to offer in terms of personality.

Parvati’s determination and hardassness is obviously a facade put on to hide her vulnerability (which would have only become more prominent after losing her arm) and this would make her a cool chick to hang out and talk one-on-one with. No doubt she would have some valuable life advice and insight to offer. Once again Alma is boring even if she’s better looking

FUCK you


I though the reason we wax her in Absolution is that she is TOO ambitious for her own good. Also she has the personality of a painted piece of card-board, she is so cool she ceases to have a personality.

So she is loyal to everyone but herself? Doesn’t that get her killed though? Not to mention her Texan (no way you will ever convince me she or any other Hope based character is from SD) accent is a turn off, I prefer the Basque accent.

Also Alma has more personality in her like seventeen lines of dialogue than ALL the Absolution characters (barring 47 and Diana who had a decades worth of development). Also I like a person who is smart, capable and has a bit of a sarcastic streak.


We will have to agree to disagree on this issue. Though it should be noted that, I’m sure, more people would agree with me than they would with you. Interpret that as you will.


I am not so sure. I have seen cardboard standees that are more interesting than Absolution’s characters.

But I would rather not argue about fictional women any more than I already have.


Best waifu out of these three?

  • Jade Nguyen
  • Layla Stockton
  • Alma Reynard

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Hitman Series Target WAIFU RANKINGS!

Think carefully about who you pick HMF.


Do you think every man is attracted to same type of woman?


Hi there guys! If you are new to this forum or even new to this thread and you have seen this then know in the wise words of Byrne. This not our beautiful thread, this is not your beautiful house that you are behind the wheel of a large automobile and that is not your beautiful wife. And that is because you picked Jade or Layla over Alma you eunuch!:joy:


Hahaha, sorry, I honestly had no idea it was you who had made it. I thought you just found it and linked to it. In any case, not being attracted to women should not necessarily be considered an insult. Welcome to the 21st century.
It seemed like a distinct possibility at the time.
Alma is beautiful in every way. All woman. The others seem flat in comparison. Great depth of character and her polygons are arranged in such a way they are, as 47 would undoubtedly put it, to die for.