The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Can’t believe how uncultured you guys are. There is ONE, and only ONE good HITMAN waifu:


When I do this pose, all housewaifus within a 2 mile radius faint!




Look at this photograph
Better start writing your own epitaph
You know Joseph Clarence’s been really bad
But you still gotta check me, white bread

If you didn’t read that in Nickleback guy’s voice I’m disappointed


I’m actually a Nickelback fan of the old albums prior this one.


That’s one impressive Photoshop :joy: Would be even better if you make him wear 47’s suit






Well she is just not thinking big enough now is she?


Thanks for reminding me, still need to replay Hokkaido now that it’s been fixed!


if you show one of those Symptoms, pls go to the Hospital ASAP!


Liked but best game of franchise is HITMAN 2

(20 char, I know it’s unneccessary but I like writing it)


Saints ain’t low tier

Sierra is top tier?

Layla is attractive

Yamazaki is shit tier

Andrea is not too much beatiful also I don’t think she has wife material

Diana is correct


Position on the y axis was based on a number of different factors. Looks, obviously, but also personality and memorability.


When you’re trying to sleep but remember that one Elusive Target you failed




When you get SA even after being caught for trespassing


Damn that’s the most hilarious pic of 47 I’ve seen so far


Well then you ain’t seen nothing yet :wink:

I know these aren’t very funny but they were the only ones that the app could do :cry::joy:


the one on the bottom is horrifying. i’d be dead before his bullet hit me