The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


When you suddenly remember the ETs will probably be reran next year, meaning your explosive pen mishap can be rectified


Has anyone ever sent David photos of 47 smiling? I feel as though we should.:smiling_imp:


My kinky mind has another caption for this.


When you’re trying to blend in on a mission, but you remember that time a target got fire extinguished into space


When you’re Indian agent47 and @Golem25 and @introvert_ steal your og 47 smile meme concept

this pic was stolen from post 104 by the way :joy:



Uh yes 1.) Russian guy, 2.)Horses are stupid, 3.) 47 will do almost anything to get to his target and IO revel in his humiliation and 4.) Drunk guy


If you manage to ‘park’ your car like that while drunk, I applaud you :smiley:


I don’t drink and I don’t drive and I won’t do both. But 4 was originally supposed to be Russian Guy but the first picture felt more like Russia due to that wall.


When I load out with the Winter Suit in Miami


No it can’t, the elusive targets you failed stay failed :slight_smile:


My experience with the 2nd elusive target in a nutshell. I preferred one certain spawn, so I just reloaded until I got it again.


can we give a shoutout to all roleplayers




Procrastinating about week long procastrubating.


When the last night was so good, you got stuck in the bar table


When you had to go to work the next day, but still fully felt the effects of those funny pills the strange man gave you

Plus points if you spot 47


This kinda looks like his bald head, or is it something else?


I can’t find 47.


Oh no it’s one of those where you can’t stop looking for that one thing!!