The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Someone stole your original meme and posted it here!

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I suggest you go to karma court!

Edit - ok so posting the link shares the picture instead of the thread. It’s titled I will not accept these lies, you can find it by searching on Google.


I can’t get mad, Reddit is known for regurgitating original content from other sources.

Besides, one heart on HMF is worth a hundred upvotes :cake::blue_heart:


congrats for the 300 upvotes :heart:


Well it’s great you think they way, I know they’re just useless internet points but I’ve seen lots of users get angry because of that and doing posts asking to delete it and what-not so I thought about notifying you :smiley:


Not to worry, gents; my little helpers have been dispatched to deal with the naughty boy on Reddit. Unfortunately for him, he won’t even get coal in his stockings but I dare say he will find his freshly detached fingers there





Krvdhro5u4itkfcwvrkgqyeult 47


A friend in ICA said Diana will tell 47 to his new targets tomorrow and he said some of targets has account in HMF.



When you use the explosive pen for the first time and kill yourself because you didn’t know it exploded even after you throw it in someone’s head


I didn’t woke up in a closet and I didn’t die either. So it seems that the target wasn’t me


Are you sure? How do you know?


Being dead inside counts?




Post must be at least-



In C47: Say something Diana damn it!

In H2: Shut up Diana damn it!

Diana in H3: Go fuck yourself, I’m out!

In H4: Who the fuck said “Mute diana” damn it!
(Idk how to make this a meme)


This is Diana’s revenge for shooting her in Absolution


Limited stocks last :sunglasses: only for $50!

The low resolution blurs the pics out so here’s good quality Diana pics after she applies lo real shampoo :sunglasses:

Pls don’t flag :joy:


What’s up with her neck?


I think it’s because I unevenly cropped out the H2 logos from the images


When you are Diana and haven’t uttered a single word for 10 minutes

by the way sorry for the low effort posts past few days editing on phone is a nightmare :joy: