The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


General 47! You are a bold one, aren’t you? Your Silverballers will make a fine additio-



suffers a vicious asthma attack

Sorry, where are my manners? Now where was I…

A fine addition to my collection!




This gatta be some mod right?


Seeing 47 act so friendly and human screws with my mind so much


How do i erase this animated smiling 47 nightmare from my memory plz :fearful: (also, what’s your secret, sorcerer)


That’s funny how fake and superficial that smile still looks even though it’s on somebody else’s face. especially considering it’s a video game


‘You say you saw a bald man, tall and lean, knock out a guard and change into his uniform? I will check it out for you, straight away. No, there is no need to alarm others; we will take care of it’



I win world’s strongest man! (It’s funny because i’m skinny as hell)

wtf is the sliding glitch?


Oh it was the most used glitch back in the day.
It basically was having running speed while walking so people wouldn’t think you were suspicious.
I never did it (basically because I never knew how to do it) so I guess I’m the strongest man, too.


So just tapping the run button? Because I abused the shit out of that, but it’s not really sliding…


Sort of, it involved holding the run button (i think?) and then going forward but releasing the left stick (or the keyboard key you’ve assigned to go forward) every time 47 would start moving.
Basically 47 would look like he was roller skating, or sliding.


hahaha! I think I was doing a fucked up version of this, where 47 looks like hes living life on shitty dial-up internet connection (lag-running) :joy:

I have lost my world’s strongest man status



Btw I didn’t make the statements up, this first one is literally what IO said in 2016 in almost every interview and the second one is what Hakan Abrak said in an interview when Hitman 2 got announced, I can’t find it but I remember it very well


You gotta hand it to IO that this approach is probably a succesor. You please the full game release players by handing the whole game and at the same time please the episodic players by releasing 2 expansions after release.


i’m still convinced that the Episodic Model was Square Enix idea. they love chopping their games to pieces.
but i have to admit it worked surprisingly well with Hitman.


I think IO took a part in making that decision too as the game wasn’t ready, look at the release Paris it had more bugs than Simcity and it was the first level. They also abandoned/changed the photographer level/concept for some reason, leaks showed Colorado had 12 opportunites and there were 6 on release and this is after they went episodic and had months of extra time. Imagine the original December 8, 2015 build that would’ve been released :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol a little thing, this post got half posted(translucent) and I get this error :smiley:


Man,you should really check out those whatsapp,facebook,opera mini,discord notifications…I get nervous just looking at it


Well I won’t check any of them since I don’t even know why I installed those apps, except whatsapp since I talk to my dad there


Kind of shocked nobody posted this one:

“When your total score is zero”