The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Amateur… you should go for the most negative score!


Is this how you do memes¿


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In all fairness those are all cliches that have appeared in any stealth game ever. And I mean ever.


I know, i’m just messing, not complaining. Still, VR Illuminati meetings (the lone lady even sits in the same place in the establishing shot) and Janus name are pretty specific things to have in common, especially if the stories were planned under one publishing roof around the same time… :thinking: :laughing:


Yeah but there are still Hitman games being made, we will be leprechaun lucky if we see another Deus Ex again.


In my mind, captured Eidos tossed few of their tattered script pages to the IOI, while screaming “save my child too!”, when they saw them running through the Square Enix exit door.

(For real tho, i just hope they get through that Marvel thing and then they are able to continue on Deus Ex, otherwise i got barely any favourite franchises left. Just please, pretty please…)


While it is not a spiritual successor (not to DE anyway) by any means (being based on something that already exists) we still got Cyberpunk 2077.


Don’t worry, there was a leak couple months ago which told on details on new DX game Eidos has been working on for one and a half years, it seemed realistic and also would make sense taking place of the third game (Tomb Raider, Marvel and a third unannounced game) they said they’re working on, we’re supposed to get a DX game sometime in the future anyway as Square Enix confirmed the franchise not dumped and there will be more installments when the time comes, so let’s hope it’s this one and releases this year :grinning:


MK 2 version :wink::wink:


I knew i missed something! :laughing:

And ohh, i have missed that as well, that’s mighty fine!
And it would make sense, since SE supposedly ordered it to be chopped into multiple pieces, so there is probably already some portion of materials sitting around, ready to be picked up again. It would be a shame to discard them. They can take their time, just don’t ghost that dorky boy Jensen entirely.


Never heard of “Hitman the hitting”?

You never seen Asian 47 then.


Of course I know about the hitting vidz :smile:

Im even working on a comic version of chaptor 1:

I was replying to cake about the video where novo had a 47 skin :smiley:



Then I don’t have to worry about him

I’ll breakup with my GF now, I ain’t gonna get killed by 47.




Why do I feel this is refereed to me?


Only a little :stuck_out_tongue:, I want the blackballer just as much.


Just started playin Deusex:Mankind divorced I was thinking the same thing =D but hey, that’s square enix 4u. However quallity level of Hitman vs Deus, is like grapes vs frog jizz.


Here is a meme to wet your whistle. The Hitman HD Pack that was released for 360 and PS3 could of been with the HD Enhanced Collection.