The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


That’s better




So I made a Screenshot and @LordShaw did some editing.


Silent Assassin, Leg OnlyScreenshot%20(180)


lmao is there a crop out of that? :DDD


Transparent PNG for all of your dancing needs.


I actually created a meme


It’s a nice pose! They didn’t give us dancing 47 in the new game, so we gotta make our own (Srry, i’ll stop with it now)



I want Fortnite emotes in Hitman :joy:

I don’t play Fortnite, and it shouldn’t be GOTY


I’m sending 47 to hunt your ass down right now lmao


I must pray to the god, so the fine gentleman in front of me may help me finding my lost clothes.


Cause hair is for pussies =D


I prefer those without hair.


if I could floss on dalia margolis after blowing her head off with a shotgun I’d never play another game again




I would like to point our that Kratos is not exactly OP, I mean how do you accidentally start two apocalypses! Also Thanos is just P if he does not have his gauntlet. Now Darkseid he is an OP, bald space tyrant


As I emphasized, I do NOT, NOT play Fortnite and should NOT become GOTY


It is not GOTY. Not in my universe. It is not even a game in my universe


You know the louder you shout no the more one tends to mean yes.

Also Fortnite is only GOTY from Golden Joystick which is a people’s choice award using 2,000 people’s votes from the UK.