The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Sorry for the exclusive paint skills. I would tag some of the developers but… I hope they see it.



Lets all spam IO add Blackballer to the game until they add it.


Dude it’s very good but you must put your avatar to Dexter’s face





that mini heart attack when…


This is the most Alex thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.






Mr Trumpet unlocked the blood money suit!


Oh so that is the prize they give you if you shut down the US government for an entire month. Silly me I thought it was a rubber duck.


Nah, the prize is actually 1000 hamberders


So what did he do to get the BM suit eat those 100 burgers in an hour? Was it a gift from Kanye West? Did he find it in the secret room that Jack Kennedy lives in now?


Had no idea for a caption. That face doesn’t need one tho.


I think every human in existence will wind up having the expression Julio has on his face at some point in their life.


So turns out my local football team (Nottingham Forest) have signed Yohan Benaloune and it turns out he’s a Hitman fan. This picture was from an article in the Nottingham post announcing his arrival at forest.


Strange story of the day and maybe the wrong thread…


Any time some one of notoriety or high-standing wears a 47 like ensemble it is perfectly valid thing to post. I mean a couple posts above and we have Donald Trump in a BM suit rip-off.


14 years later



Bro, I never expected this