The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread



im sorry lmao



Too soon, man. :joy:


How did you get the prologue outfit on other locations? It’s a mod, isn’t it?
edit: just found out about the Hokkaido bonus mission, being away from home not being able to play HITMAN™ 2 right now is killing me.


I am so sorry, but the face had to be captioned this way…

Make your own:




20 Cursed Images


When you finally get silent assassin rating …

But then check out the leaderboard …


When you he tell him to call him Claus but he keeps calling you Mr. Stranberg instead


Leaked disguise from the allegedly upcoming ski resort map


only few days till this beauty is back :sob:


The difderences are soo minor that I dont realy care. But those gloves. GIMME!!


Those hands look way to feminine


Which hands? He has like ten pairs of them :laughing:


That was my inside joke too. Like 2 jokes at the same time :joy:


What you can do with Audio Distractors in Hitman 2
Lure targets on a balcony?
Lure targets from a larger radius than coins?
Create a usefull distraction?
Organize questionable meetings at coca plants with Franco?


Winter Sports Suit Mk2


only suit apart from the signature suit i’d actually wear


It’s got that signature MK 2 look!


IOI should totally add that. Hilarious, and I’d wear it! Looks like some shit supreme would come up with


Yeah but IO would give it to us for free. Supreme would charge 500 dollars for such a privilege.