The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


At least the signature suit has…


(Just Like Tommy Clemenza Said)



Updated my texture mod and I can officially say Agent 47 now has the signature Mk II look.


My eyes, they’re bleeding.


Sure. You don’t need stitches at all, when you can just weld that nasty ass polyester looking fabric together :stuck_out_tongue:


Not mine


Who needs Tommy when you have a lighter?


So doing this next time I’m in Santa Fortuna! :laughing:


A little one made with snapchat:


I spent way too long on this oh my god. Hitman as vines y’all


This is the greatest thing I ever saw.


Surely all stitches are invisible to him. The man’s blind.


i loved the 16 ties soo much more


Yeah but they would still be visible to us. Tailors don’t operate like the Bug-Blatter Beast of Thraal.


The fact that I don’t get that reference means it must post-date the Renaissance.


Well it if from the mid-80s. It is from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The Beast assumed that so long as you couldn’t see it, it could not see you.


If you mean the 1980s, then that’s still new-age to me. The posters on my walls are hieroglyphs.


Oh well then it is a shame because it is a very sharply written book.


Here’s part 2 to Hitman as Vines because I have no self-control.


Diana - Wanna visit I made some cookies :smiley:

47 - No I’ve got a contact to compete and have no modes of proper transportation other than my target’s skateboard and boat

Diana - my parents aren’t home :wink: (:joy:)

47 -