The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Jokes on her, 47 knows damn well her parents are not home.


Brutal dude hahahaha


That’s why I added the blur :joy: at the end of Diana’s line :joy_cat:


Both great games in their own right.


Fan of Glacius, a man of culture I see :wink:


Here’s another one from Hitman The Hitting:

Stolen/deleted footage 47 giving review of Hitman: Agent 47 movie outside the theater (circa 2015)


The original context is very funny, starts at somewhere around 3:40 in this video, I really suggest watching it and the entire series!


Not my work ! all credit goes to almightyghostgod on Reddit (not sure if he’s on here)

Needed to share it (if it hasn’t been posted before) as it made me chuckle


Now this is why the blend-in spots were truly implemented. Not to hide from enforcers, but to kill time.


So true! I make sushi for other patients while patiently waiting for Yuki to have her one last meal.

edit: It feels somehow quite satisfying when pretending myself as a real chef. :slight_smile:




how do i download this mod?


Season 1 weapon




Haha for the love of Christ! The weapons have to be the biggest joke in Hitman “2” more ridiculous than the Constants dialogue

“I. Was. Getting. To. That.” :joy:

When loyal long-time Hitman fans discovered the weapons in H2

But seriously, these stickers are a joke

:gun: +:gun: 2⃣ = :poop:


Reward for Hawke’s Bay ET revealed


But what about unique signature “Mk. 2” look?..


Dunno… does it have driving gloves?


Made by me over a month ago


Oh my god!! @badeaguard I actually saw that a bit after I was banned…

It KILLED me that I couldn’t reply to it at the time, because honestly, that’s one of the most hardy laughs I’ve had! HILARIOUS!!! :joy::joy::joy:


I’m glad you liked it :grin: