The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Goty was fine update, but not legacy tho :neutral_face:


Every version of Sapienza’s lighting has been meh to me. The OG light I think was a little grainy, the GOTY lighting was gaudy and it made Sapienza look like a Las Vegas recreation and the Legacy lighting makes it look like a Matrix movie crossed with Fallout 3.


Revisionist history, it looked awful and hurt people’s eyes



A damn old meme format but still funny



How have I only just seen this? :joy:


Here my favorite “from Russia with love” :smiley:



Another one


Putin reminds me a lot of Dr. Ort Meyer from Codename 47




How long did it take you to make this


Like 3-4 min
(20 char)


Lol the lowest resolution meme of 2019


That is low resolution? I thought Alex just looked that blurry in real life.


I love how Bade is now the main subject with the Hitman memes thread :joy: legend!



47 only like that good shit


I love 47’s handsome mug in the first panel


Thanks to @Rieper1 (All Things Htiman, amazing Youtube Channel btw) for making this amazing meme :joy:




dont think faba is coming back it was a joke for the promotion that he is undying and shit and i cant believe he whould survive someone garroting him and throwing him onto the race track