The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread




What does this mean???





Urben 47 be like: “…technically a flying hot dog placed the bomb under the car.”


None of the targets in new hitman enters a vehicle right?
Feel nostalgic thinking of targets arriving in cars and limos.


did you play the first level?


I think it’s not quite what he means.
They’re going out of cars in a cutscene. In a regular playtime they all on their feet walking dead


Well a plane and a cablecar are vehicles technically, right?

And if Bosco is disabled, his exosuit is a vehicle too.


Yes. Plane and cablecar are vehicles. And can be counted as such.
But the nostalgia of targets using cars is different if you have experienced it.
Bosco suit is streching out limits to fit something in.


Almost everyone in Blood Money (and even some guards) came in swanky cars. Too bad it’s not a thing now, besides Alma. (Unless they made a target come in a bulletproof car? Hmm…)



When the politician has a double for both herself and March 2019 roadmap



What in god’s name have you done



You are aware of the fact that we get a new sniper map in a fortnight right? Also reusing ETs, escalations and contracts are all forms of content that are both varied and interesting.


i hope you are aware that creating entirely new maps takes up time, energy and money


Yeah but he wanted to use his meme though. Never let the truth or facts get in the way of a meme…

Sometimes I wonder about this species.