The Ultimate Loadout


Depending on contract parameters there are always going to be some items to bring on a mission that are better than others. But imagine that your game has broken. Kill restrictions in every contract change to Any Method. However, just before you start the next mission a warning box appears: “Please note that you will not be able to change the three items you take on your next mission until the game has been fixed.”

So, 47. You have two loadout items and one smuggled item. What would they be and why?
Which pistol would you bring?



Gun: Silverballer
Item 1: Door Breaching Charge (by far the most versatile item, IMO)
Item 2: 3x Coin
Smuggled: Remote duck

I hear the Napoleon is even better as an explosive, but I haven’t tried it out much.


Silverballer, for the damage and precision

Breaching charge and remote duck for loadout, lethal syringe smuggled. All three are just very powerful and useful items, the breaching charge in particular. Coins are op but you can always find them somewhere.


What’s so different about the Napoleon?


Silverballer, Breaching Charges, Napoleon, smuggle a Lethal Syringe. If I can’t solve a problem with three explosives and a needle I got bigger problems.


The real pros can answer that better than me, but doesn’t it also lure targets by playing sounds, like the phone, but without exploding on pickup? It’s also non-suspicious, I think. Oh, and it plays Overture 1812, that counts for something.


I get @Silverballer , becuase he is the best member
@Fortheseven’s breachers
Pokerinos from @mungadungalis
@mendietinha’s duckers


Pistol slot: silverballer
Slot 1: fiberwire
Slot 2: lockpick
Smuggle crate: sieger 3000


Pistol - Silverballer
Item - Breaching Charges
Item - Remote Ducker

Smuggle: Jaeger Covert


My default loadout is usually Silverballer, BC, Coins, Ducker



Not sure on the smuggle item. Was going to say a lockpick but it’s useless in some areas, so maybe the hammer or a lethal pokey.


lancer and duckers. baller to acchieve 20 chars.


Remote breaching charges, coins (gotta take the gold versions tho), silverballer and lancer.


Gold coins, breaching charges, and ICA phone


The coins I get for ETs
Big One

Because fuck you I am glorious!


For me, the only loadout slot that needs to be permanent is the suit. Level specific outfits are close to the dumbest thing this game has to offer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Breach Charges
Lethal (smuggled)


It has the sound radius of the phone but triggers instantly when dropped or thrown. You can also lure multiple targets to it by repeatedly dropping it over and over again like this:

Breach Charge
Antique Lethal Syringe
Big One :slight_smile:


Gun: Custom 5mm.
Slot 1: Lockpick.
Slot 2: Lethal Poison Vial.
Smuggle Point: Sieger 300


Breachers, Antique Lethal Pokerino, The Big One, Silverballer.
I didn’t even have to think about it.
Next question.