The Ultimate Loadout


Well if it has to be one way, then might as well make sure there’s reliability and fun.

Fiber wire
Breaching Chargers.

And of course, Signature Suit with Gloves. :sunglasses:
And we’re ready to go.


47 really only needs access to a sniper, silverballer and fibrewire.

In this game though you don’t need anything as you can just choke targets out and break their neck and pick up many items on the maps to get the job done as well. Or bring nothing and drown everyone.


Gun: Krugermeier 2-2
Slot 1: Breaching charges
Slot 2: Coins
Smuggle: Pale duck
Suit: Santa 47


Well, I always bring an audio distraction device (counting the non-suspicious explosive ones) and any of the semi-auto Hardballers. Usually bring also the Fiber Wire and leave the smuggling loadout for anything that usually is an explosive, a tool or a non-lethal melee weapon.


breaching charge is for babies

i choose the fibre wire, lethal poison vial, and pale duck (smuggled). for the firearm, i choose the silverballer

you cant have 47 without his sig weapon, the fibre wire.

lethal poison vial because it opens more opportunities for when the target is eating food

duck because it can be used to set up accidents, open locked doors, and create an alarm to slip by security


Custom 5mm
Claw Hammer
Lethal Syringe

Smuggled: ICA Explosive Phone

Italian Suit with Gloves because aviator shades. :sunglasses:


For me in depends on the mission, but it’s usually:

Coins (because i like to use the coin fetch trick),
Smuggled: Napolean

Sometimes i wont bring Napolean if i don’t need to lure people from a distant. And i might also bring in a lockpick, mainly for Sapienza.

For suit, i like the default marakesh suit with gloves


Silverballer, claw hammer, antique lethal syringe and bc. Imo you need a non lethal melee because it’s saves so much time.
and santa suit for shits and giggles lmao


Breaching Charges
Lethal Poison Syringe. (Smuggled)

-If Suit can’t be changed (Blood Money Suit)


Fiber Wire
Breaching Charges
Remote Duck (smuggled)


Gun: Silverballer

Slot 1: Lockpick

Slot 2: Lethal syringe

Smuggled item: Napoleon

I wouldn’t say coins are a necessity as there are always various distractions obtainable in the mission


Using Napoleon on that contract was awesome!. I never realized it worked that way.


What does the Big One do that other distractions don’t?
Does it work different than throwing coins?


It makes NPC’s deaf and blind pretty much. They ignore basically everything that isnt directly in front of them. Plus groups will walk towards it and stare at it for a while.


It also can be used as a portable electrocution kill.


Breaching charges
Lethal syringe


Thanks TrueBlueMC for providing those videos with the “big one”.
I never new it could be used to electrocute someone standing in water.
I always wondered by they had hoses in the different maps where the water
would just puddle up.
Now I know.

Now that I know how to use this device I will have to use it more.


I go with the usual:



Going on your stipulation, I would take

  1. the breaching charges for luring, moving pain in the ass enforcers, killing targets quietly, and opening doors.
  2. The cell phone - another good luring device or kill method.3. The remote explosive duck - to cause chaos, open doors, cause accidents.
    Smuggled item: remote duck - to create mass hysteria, cause accident kills.
    Gun: Silverballer


Like others have said The Big One can lure groups and keep them lured for a few seconds. Also it can electrocute targets in certain situations. Also, The Big One can be used as a completely legal way to ignite gas puddles, propane and fire extinguishers.
Try playing with The Big One. It’s fun!


I played around with it a little to see what it can do.