The Ultimate Loadout


I totally disagree. I absolutely love the level specific suits! Regardless of the “realism” for fitting into his social environment, I just enjoy the fashion. And its pretty well established that Agent 47 appreciates a quality wardrobe too.


Silverballer (everyone who doesn’t choose this or Krugermeier can go away)
Fiber wire
Smuggled weapon: Napoleon

In Bangkok or Hokkaido I might take scramblers instead of BC:s.


I think the striker has the potential to secure a spot in that group


Maybe, I haven’t got that yet so I don’t really know how useful it is. :smiley:


Basically a mini lancer. Pierces bodies, extremely good range, knockback power


Yeah, I have read those details but haven’t just got to try it in practice. I wouldn’t take it to any main missions though, but it might be good for some contracts.


Well overall the silverballer will remain the most useful one, especially now that we have pistol distractions again


gold coins
pick up; white duck


I usually only use my gun for this reason and to shoot out cameras


It’s well established that 47 likes black suits and red ties :wink: it’s like Batman in a bathing suit - it’s not Batman


If Agent 47 is only defined by his wardrobe, I’d argue that you care more about the outfits than I do :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s pretty telling that only ten or so items have come up on this topic.


I guess you would be right :wink:


This is a short list of the most useful unlocks I can think of!


Sedative poison vial and those first two pistols?


How can you not have coins there? Seriously

Edit: and no phone? What the hell



you find enough coins just laying around, so i dont want to waste a slot for them.


The phone is on there!

And I guess I made the glaring oversight not to mention they were only unlocks… Yay me!


I forgot to mention these were unlocks only… Cause I’m a dope.

But yeah, the sedative vile is really useful for testing out lethal poison on Elusive Targets. And since they’re coming back, it’s even more relevant!


I’d be the goddamn Golden Money Man Hitman.
Suit-Santa Suit cause it’s OP. Gloves,Beard,Hair,red clothes and it all shakes. That’s what a BAWSS would wear.
Gun Slot-Kruegermeier because it’s made of GOOOOLD
Slot 1-Coins
Slot 2-Golden Coins
Smuggled Item-Outstanding Performance Coins

BOOM. There you have the Pimp 47 loadout. Enter A World Of MONEY.