The Ultimate Loadout


Coins are one the most useful and most powerful items there are in this game. Being able to start with them is a huge advantage


yes, i know that, but usually you find so much shit to throw it around. when i know i dont need the Lockpick i take the Hammer or that small Bat with me.


Coins can do much more than simply throwing and distracting.

You almost never do, unless you have to open more than 3 doors


My entire playstyle is based around opening exactly four doors during every mission, so I equip the lockpick in every slot, even the gun slot.


Shut up you bald cunt <3


i know i could just use the breachingcharges most of the time, but i just dont want to, the Lockpick just has more Style for me. I also know that the BCs are quicker than the Lockpick, but unlike you i’m not in a hurry while playing :wink: :slight_smile:


You sure were in a hurry to tell me that :wink:


I See various videos where showing various trick with coins. I know i can place those on determinate spots to lure a target for a possible incident, but it seems sometimes the npc doesn’t notice the coin on some distances. But i’m still curious about the possibilities and trying to learn more.


Some tricks for the coins are:

  • Fetch trick, there are a few variations for this, but basically drop coin infront of the npc you want to lure, pick it up immediatly and then throw it. Npc will follow the coin
  • ICA program. Launching an knocked out npc in the air. Coins need to be under the npc, and then send them flying with breaching charges. The breaching charges will make the coins fly, and the coins will make the npc fly.
  • flying fire extinguisher. Same principle as above, only with a fe on top of the coins instead of a npc. Set it up, shoot fe once, detonate breachers and you got a flying wallbanging fire extinguisher.
  • Amnesia trick. Drop a weapon in front of someone by going inventory and drop it from there, and drop a coin after that. Coin makes the npc forget you just dropped a weapon in front of them. Doesn’t really get used anymore because you can achieve the same by bumping and then dropping gun


@Fortheseven thank you. I’ll keep in mind these tricks. :wink:


I guess you like coins, huh?


Let me put it this way:Who needs a fibre wire when I can just throw coins at a targets face on repeat even following them around until they become mentally unstable because of how much I’ve annoyed them in a span of 1 hour and just kill themselves doing my job for me?

No lead…except for a cool coin…


Where’s The Striker? It could prove very useful in some circumstances imo.


I believe you have to complete new escalation to earn it.


When you’ve selected your desired loadout, select the ‘planning’ tab and at the bottom it will give you an option to save your loadout for that location.


Talking about best unlocks, @Travis_IOI


I have (un)officially become the Lead Organiser And Desiger Of Unlock Tailoring, so you have a lot to look forward to.


Why is the breaching charge listed on worst unlock?
It is used more than any item.
Brick? What unlocks that?


I think it’s reverse psychology.


You know what would be best for business?

A Silenced Coin
for my pimp 47 loadout. With the power of throwing little metal objects at people casuing slow damage overtime without making a sound I’d BE UNSTOPPABLE! It would take approximately a few million throws. But I’ll be damned if it isn’t something historical to do.