The Ultimate Loadout



This is very cool. :smiley:


The Napolean? Phone? Antique syringe? wtf are these things? PS4 exclusives or something?

also; silverballer, coins, lockpick, rubber duck


Full mastery in Paris on pro mode.

I believe mastery lvl 10 in Bangkok in normal mode.

It’s a second syringe you can take and they have them in both lethal and emetic.

I believe the antique lethal syringe is unlocked from the himmapan horror challenge pack.
I believe the antique emetic syringe is unlocked from mastery lvl 10 in Sapienza on pro mode.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Has anyone made this joke yet?


I know the coins are supposed to be different, but it’s a shame they don’t stack.

If I bring the special coins and pick up regular ones during the mission, I’ll have two stacks of coins! OMG, how could anyone possibly live with that?


I don’t have a usual loadout I just bring whatever I need to do what I plan to do.

Since I like playing in chaos I would bring the striker, ghost sniper, mixtape 47/or big bang, and the coins
Coins and I dunno what else that’s it really.

It’s all about getting them to look or go the other way while I make a ruckas over here.


Smuggled Lethal Syringe
Breaching Charges
Coin :slight_smile:



Breaching Charges

Remote Duck

And smuggle in the Napoleon or Claw Hammer


I’ve just realised that I didn’t answer my own question…

Gun: HWK21
1: Sedative vial
2: Proximity C4 demolition explosive
Smuggle: Corky’s bat

Just kidding…

Gun: Silverballer
1: ICA phone
2: Breaching charges
Smuggle: Remote duck


Non Stealth mode:

Gun: Striker

  1. Napoleon
  2. Concealable baton
    smuggle: RS. 15

Stealth mode:
Gun: ICA19

  1. Lethal syringe
  2. Breaching charge
    smuggle: Coins or fibre wire (map depending)