The Undying Returns

At the end of the April Roadmap video we are shown a Skull morph into a shadowy figure that appears to be The Undying (the exact sequence also occurs in The Undying’s briefing video).

I’m so happy he’s back! I hope they keep bringing him back once in a while and that he becomes something like an Agent Smith and has occasional roles in future stories. :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts on The Undying’s return? :slight_smile:


One bunch will be sad when it turns out to be just a reactivation, the other bunch will be happy. :smiley:


Very happy, as I missed this ET…also quite interested in how they are going to explain his return :smile:

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I was of the impression he might be back in a new mission. Sean Bean did say he’d love to be back if Faba somehow managed to survive.


This might explain why there is no new elusive target and only a legacy target. My theory is that Sean bean will make a suprise appearance…


I don’t mind if he returns, would be cool if he was in a brand new ET and not just a legacy ET, but I don’t want any missed ET’s, so I will do all the legacy ET’s.

They really don’t have to, after all he is the undying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Nice that he’s coming back. I expected this, but the lack of any info or teases that his initial appearance was not a simple one-and-done job had me doubting he’d return. I’m glad that’s not the case.

Now, since he is coming back, how many times do we think he’ll be a target? Two? Three times?
3 is only an at-the-most scenario, though I’d be fine if we only get him a second time here and then that’s it for Mark Faba. Whatever the case, it does seem like there’s a high chance he’s the 12th target (even though that seems a bit far to tease) where he’ll wear the suit in the rewards roadmap. Unless it’s just IO coming up with new suit rewards past the original 3 from season 1 and deciding to rip the outfit from Faba and give it to 47 for no reason.


hopefully we will be able to unlock one of the other choices of the rewards poll


Wow… :roll_eyes:
Can’t say that I’m surprised, but this is total crap. It’s one thing to reactivate past elusive targets (which imo was also crap) as IO went back on their vision for them. So much for being “Elusive” “One shot only”

Bringing back Sean freaking Bean!!? Don’t get me wrong, he was an excellent target and I enjoyed it greatly. But this is basically saying 47 F’d up… 47 don’t F-up he has a 100% mission success rate (well… not anymore.) he always is supposed to get the job DONE.

Sure, I’m sure this looked great (even cool) on paper. (Perhaps for a different type of game even) but to do this for Hitman?

Way to piss on 47’s perfectionist character. Yes I know some will disagree with this view, but, eh…
it happened…

Of course…without a shadow of a doubt. I can almost guarantee it…

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I was thinking that. We’re at… what? the 5th or 6th HITMAN 2 Elusive? (and I’m not counting Legacy targets). IF he does end up coming back twice (on the 6th and 12th targets respectively) I can see us finally unlocking the earphones and robot, in that order. They’re just sitting there, left in the code with no other use but in that one 14-day period.

did u forget that Absolution happened


Lucky bastard if he did.



But ironically, that’s the trailer where they mention his 100% Mission Success Rate lol

But still. Besides Diana. A target never “came back to life” after 47 confirmed a kill. Doing that is just an insult on what he was made to do.

And for what?? Because it would be “cool” for Sean Bean to come back? :expressionless:

Pitiful they sell out his character for the sake of a few fans that find this a good idea. An idea that will eventually be forgotten by said few fans…

The character’s whole shtick is evading death. It was pretty likely IO were to show that in action.

But don’t think of this as a betrayal to 47’s character, think of it as an extended contract! Faba may have escaped or survived, but by the end of this Elusive arc (either in this next appearance or in the future), I’m sure it’ll end with the definitive death of Faba, ensuring 47’s success.
Plus, maybe whoever 47 did kill in that contract is dead. Maybe it was a perfect body double. In that case, he got his mark.





yeah, but remember when he tried to kill Sanchez and got his shit kicked in? and then he redeemed himself by killing Sanchez later.
this is a better situation than 47 getting knocked out by Faba or something. at least 47 will kill Faba “officially” eventually


Isn’t it kind of established through dialogue that he has clones? 47 didn’t fail, there’s just more than one Faba.

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Again… I say

But yeah…
I’m sorry that’s just my opinion. Im not against that some are for the idea (what can ya do?) people have their views. I just don’t like it at all, personally

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good riddance. a character with no flaws is dull as fuck, I’m welcoming the possibility of 47 getting his first actual character arc in god knows how long


Yeah… not all game characters are an engineered clone killing machine. So…

If you want dullness in your gaming experience may I suggest COD, AC or RDR lol