The Undying Returns

… but not a surprise.

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It’s true that these bushes look incredibly soft and there’s no way for you to go check if there’s a dead body. One of the most uncertain kill methods. I even refrain from using it on Robert Knox, however frail he might be.

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So for me he’d be a talking hamburger? :hamburger:

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What did you do to him?
Poisoned a coconut ball?

P.S.: I’m taking this opportunity as a kill method for this appearance

Nice one :slight_smile:

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I just want him to reappear looking as good as new; like nothing ever happened. I don’t want an explanation as to the how or why, I just want him to be the twelfth Elusive Target so we can unlock the ‘The Undying’ suit after finally, genuinely, killing him.

This. And I might do it again… I don’t know.

Edit: No. I have another idea. :smiling_imp:


I’m starting to firmly gravitate towards the view that there is no new Faba mission, and that there won’t be.

This ET will be repeated for a third time, and the only reason the suit is different to the one Faba wears in the mission is because IO likes to customise what we unlock.

(I’m very happy for somebody like @Accidental-kills98 or @KevinRudd, who theorise well, to counter this, and explain why we will get a new mission - but I think we’ve all taken this ‘Undying’ business to mean way more than it does!)


Well, in the Hitman there is always a kind of “canonical” methods of killing. No matter how the player kills Janus, in the next mission it will look like a peaceful death in an accident. So, I think, make Faba one-eyed would be the simplest and most common option. :rofl:

I mentioned that to someone else about Janus, but everyone said it was a lie and Washington just tells the funeral people that to cover up he was a traitor who got assassinated

Diana says that in no case should Providence be aware of their small operation, so I think he definitely died canonically from an accident.
Other of the targets of the 47th are referred to in subsequent missions as dead in a specific way. For example, in the death of Soders the Kronstadt surgical machine is accused, although the player could simply shoot him or destroy the donor heart.
There are definitely “canonical deaths” in the series.

Here’s the trailer.


nothing’s different, it seems

Two new Diana phrases, but besides that - nothing new.

Not quite, the ending dialogue for Diana indicates a bit of self-awareness.

Other than that, yeah, it’s pretty much the exact same.

The first time: ‘47, to be completely honest, this one’s a bit of an embarrassment. Please make sure he doesn’t come back again.’

This one: ‘47, I feel I’m repeating myself a little bit here, but please, make sure he doesn’t come back again.’


I would call it a brand new briefing with some old info.
Did I miss, or Diana didn’t say why actually he’s back?

It IS Groundhog’s day. :unamused:

Talkin’ bout dang ol time paradox!

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Yeah, its interesting because the entire briefing sounds different, like it was rerecorded, or at least a different take.

Damn… So it really is basically just a reactivation.

Such a missed opportunity to have had a small story unfold across a few ET missions during the live content season. :frowning:

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I give IO big props for the remix ET at the end of the month. Why couldn’t Faba have a different route? Miami is more than large enough.

Considering the flashy explosion he wants to do, they could have had him downstairs getting that fuel additive.

10 minutes.