The Undying Returns


this mistake was made by a WB associate who also handles the account. Travis quickly fixed it though


His finale could be in Hokkaido, where he is recovering/being completely reconstructed from all of his previous appearances :rofl:


I replayed this elusive target (I have it on steam and PS4) and I took my time…

Faba when returned to the presentation (guns, bombs and whatnot) on his way there he called a woman; called Alice. While he was speaking, he said to her, that he sent an invitation to the ICA, but he didn’t wanted to be poisoned again by their top agents, he wanted 47 himself. Then he mentioned, that 47 might be a myth but he really wants to meet with him.

I hope, this means, there will be a small story with him.
So I think when he comes back for a 3rd time, he’s going to be an enforcer. (as in now he’s going to know everyone in the building…or at least in the briefing area)


Assuming that he didn’t already recognized 47but played along. For him it’s just a game and if he dies, so it be.


Killed by picking up fish


Just strangled and then shot Faba in the head about 20 times… SA…

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HITMAN™ 2 - Elusive Target: The Undying Returns SA 1:46 (Explosive Pen)

For a long time I could not come up with a good idea for a video with the Undying. There are already a lot of amazing runs. But one idea did not give me rest: kill him with an explosive pen. He so wanted this pen. Kronstadt could not create it and give it to him. But the 47 was able to.

P.S. I could significantly push up the run, using a tranquilizer on two NPCs, but it’s not about time for me.


So… what do we reckon… is this all we’re getting? The same mission over and over again?

  • Yes
  • No, they’ll give us a proper new appearance of the Undying

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I mean when he lost two eyes at the next return, he will just crawl around in random rooms of the building.


I hope for his next return he turns around in his chair and looks like this.

He’ll wheel around the building and have all the same dialogue but it will all be muffled and incomprehensible.

@Travis_IOI can we make this happen? :wink:


I look forward to opportunities such as replacing his cane with one that has an explosive built in and tricking his guide dog into eating him.


This is all that will be left of him by his final return… sitting on the meeting room table by the blueberry muffins.


It sounds like a fun idea, especially the muffled dialogue.


Is there the possibility of getting the earphone garrote wire?


Everything’s possible and we have some ideas. Naturally, I don’t want to give away all of our plans, so you should expect more vague answers.


We should be able to buy them, for two coins!


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This was planned from the beginning. We have an undying suit, and there have been 4 ETs in between both Undying. Now, 4 later, we will get the Undying Look, which means the kill in confirmed.

Or it was just planned to get more people to try the game :expressionless:


The Undying should be like that guy who is sometimes our enemy, sometimes our friend.
And I really really love the idea that the guy sells “fake Assassinations” to help rich people vanish!

Come on… It’s a fantastic gimmick! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: