The Winter Suit (5x ET SA reward) is not unlocked


I am yet another survivor of the bug that prevents unlocking the reward for the Silent Assassin rating of 5 Elusive Targets, the Winter Suit.

I have been told that the suit can be unlocked in 48 hours after the current ET is over, so I waited. However, it seems that I have to address the issue directly, as yet another ET is coming, and the suit is not unlocked.

I play on PC.

Below you will find the screenshots of my leaderboard ratings, a proof of my claim.

Thanks in advance.

IO manually run something that detects who should have got the challenge or progress towards the challenge after the ET is done and updates their user profile to what it should be - they do this as it’s broken but they’re not able to replicate the issue to be able to fix it.

Maybe @Travis_IOI knows when they’re planning on running this tool for The Chef now that it’s come to an end and can tell you when to expect it to be corrected?


Hi,@dasgluk! @thrison has already helped you,so this reply isn’t an answer to your problem.
What I want to tell you is that you should post multiple images in only one post(not multiple).

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Sorry, @IlikeHitman, for whatever reason I was under the impression that I can have only one image attached per post at my current trust level. My mistake.

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