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I wanted to create a topic for “Mafia Related” material. I’m a HUGE fan of mafia movies, documentaries, and the history of that type of life style. Now while I don’t condone that type of behavior in actual real life, I always found it interesting. In this thread, discusses anything mob related; talk about your favorite “mob themed” Movies/TV Shows/Video Games/Novels (The Godfather, Casino, Sopranos, Goodfellas, Mobsters, Scarface, the GTA Series Games, or other mob related video games, etc…)

Also, feel free to link topics/videos on actual mob related history, including real life documentaries and interviews…

Basically think of this thread as the “Mafia archives” lol I hope to see more members on this forum that share the same interests



Interesting video if anyone likes this type of thing


Have you seen AMCs The Making Of The Mob ? Its an 8 episode series mainly about Lucky Luciano and his crew. I recommend it :+1:

Also this is a good watch


Oh my god! Lucky Luciano is actually my most favorite mobster! :open_mouth: So it’s actually funny you mentioned him! I honestly have not seen this, so I’ll make sure I do, thank you so much for sharing this, bro! This thread is off to a GREAT start!


i highly recommend you to watch Boardwalk Empire, it stars every legendary Gangster from the 20-40s, Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Arnold Rothstein and so on. its a great series.


So you also looking forward to this new masterpiece called ‘The Irishman’ from Martin Scorsese?

It has Robert de Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci in it. Must be an awesome movie!


Uhh, do you mean Al Pacino? Because I hear ol’ St Valentine is a little hard to get in films these days.

But I can’t wait for the Irishman and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood to come out.


Oh yeah hahah stupid. Al Pacino, yes



Jimmy Hoffa’s dissaperance is fake news, Buzzfeed is not trusted therefore anything they say is fake news.
There was never a person named Jimmy Hoffa, obviously just propeganda from anti mafia groups.

Jokes aside, I’d not like being on the bad side of the mafia during their hayday, nor would I like to use their infamous shoe making company products. (Did the mafia actually do that or is that just some made up legend)


Thank you guys for the recommendations, I’m surprised I didn’t know about some of these. I’m definitely gonna be busy doing some binge watching!


If you’re also interested in Mafia games, you should check out Mafia 2. It’s amazing.


Has anyone ever seen the interviews with “The Iceman?” I was playing Blood Money “The Murder of Crows” and the target Raymond Kulisky made me think of this. Also, has anyone ever seen the movie based on this?


I’ve seen the movie @Clover.

Btw, great thread. I love mafia shit.

I also second boardwalk empire like @MrOchoa said. It features the lead actor from “The Iceman”, among others. However, being from the Detroit area, I was severely disappointed that there were no Purple Gang bits. Where do you think Capone got all his Canadian whisky?

Regarding the Iceman, I recommend taking a few hours and reading up on Roy DeMeo and his entire crew. These guys were fucking brutal. The mafia killing squad of NYC through the 70s. Those guys deserve a movie/show dedicated to them and their “Gemini Method”

@Danger_dog_guy_7 I hadn’t heard about the Irishman, but I love Scorsese and all those cast members you mentioned. Thanks for getting me pumped!


Yeah I really liked the movie a lot, seen it for the first time about a year or so ago. Lost count how many times I’ve seen it since then lol and thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoy the thread. It’s nice to meet people with similar interests. :slightly_smiling_face:

Will do, thank you it sounds interesting.


Have you played the first? It’s old, but it’s a classic. 2 is also very good. Have yet to check out 3


Sadly no, didn’t know where to get it from. Do you think it still holds up if you play it today, having played Mafia 2 a lot before?


I’m gonna read this now, because of your recommendation :slightly_smiling_face: So just thought I’d link this if anyone else may be interested…

MAFIA (the first one) is THE best mafia themed game I have ever played in my life! The story was so god damn good for a video game. I always thought it would make a great movie. I hope some day that happens, I would be ecstatic! (Just for fun) what actors do you think would be good to play them?


And call me crazy, but I always thought Jake Gyllenhaal would have made a great Tommy


As for the second Mafia game, it was pretty good as well. Although the mission “Stairway to Heaven” was hard to watch :cry: Tommy…

MAFIA 3? Total garbage and a slap in the face to fans in my opinion. The whole “mob feeling” was lost for me and it ended up feeling like I was playing GTA. What separated Mafia from GTA was the “Sicilian ways” and the professionalism it had ya know what I mean? lol I don’t know that’s just my take on it, but Mafia 3 totally killed that for me.


It’s on steam for $15. A pretty low-end computer these days would be able to run it at max.

Yes, because it’s a bit of a different style game. Mafia 2 felt very open world, in comparison to MAFIA. MAFIA is more mission-based, and as @Clover mentioned, the story is probably the best in any mafia-genre game ever made. You of course have to accept the era’s graphics.

Good idea, but they have to keep the OG voice actor for Sam, Matt Servitto (Even though he doesn’t look like the NPC):

But he was in “The Sopranos”. And if you’re on this thread and haven’t seen that, you need to do that right away


Haha of course, who hasn’t seen it? :laughing: But yeah, maybe if he wore a wig and he was in the same tux, perhaps he could pull it off. I’m trying to think who would be good to play Don Salieri

Maybe Paul Sorvino would have been good? Lol