The Witcher 3

This was one of the major games showcased at E3. I didn’t watch much of it, but what I did watch looks interesting.

Thanks @Sketch for the original thread at the old Hitmanforum.

By the way, would you recommend the series to me @Cold_Shadow ? Any other Witcher fans here?

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The Witcher series in on my list of game franchises I want to play. So, far this is looking pretty phenomenal. They’ve promised an open world larger than the one in Skyrim.

CD project has never disappointed. Just note that this series is a pretty unique RPG. It is heavily based around the story and decision making, often in quick succession. @Dev_Chand if you want to play this, I highly recommend you watch some footage of the story from the Witcher 2 at least. THIS IS ONE AWESOME GAME for sure. The caps are for excitement. :slight_smile:

I highly recommended anyone into RPG’s to try this game. It’s not just a game, it’s an experience with RPG elements. It’s not Skyrim like RPG or Diablo, it’s different and that’s what makes it special.

@Watson - I’m with you in that I really want to play these games. I actually have the first two games through Steam, and I have played the first one for about 4 or 5 hours, but then something else always comes out that I want to play more, or more recently I had to reinstall windows due to some hardware changes and forgot to backup my game saves. I really need to pick the game back up and get through it this time so I can be ready for the third one.

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Thanks Cold Shadow! Can you go in detail though as to why you recommend it? How are the missions, levels, open world, story etc.? How is the combat especially? I’ve heard a lot of complaints about it in particular.

Well, for an RPG, the combat in Witcher 2 at least is fine enough. I have my share of complaints about the combat, but it’s not broken or anything. Witcher 2 and 1 are not open world, but they’re usually split into 3 highly detailed and big sections. Witcher 3 is the only one that will be open world. Now, the reason for this is to make areas more detailed and more story oriented. So it’ll be interesting to see how they managed all that into 1 open world game for the Witcher 3. I guess the added power of the new consoles is the reason why though.

I haven’t played an RPG with as much story options and great decision making as the Witcher games and that says alot. So yeah, the biggest pull for this RPG is the story and decisions you make that shape up the ending as well as the next acts. For example, in Witcher 2 Act 1, your decisions take you to two different locations for Ac2 depending on certain choices and a whole new missions and a whole new way to play Act 3. So to fully unlock the story, you have to play it at least 3 times to 5.

Ok thanks. But I do want to know more about the actual levels and locations themselves.

Like what?

The thing I can tell you is that Geralt is suppose to be a monster hunter. They pay him to get rid of monsters and then you go and learn all you can about these monsters, read books (if you find someone who sells them) and then buy potions (or make them from ingredients you gather) to help you and after all that preparation, you can fight the monsters. But ofcourse, Geralt is already very knowledgeable when it comes to monsters, so you can fight who you want and still win, but if you wan to get rid of them forever, you’ll want to make the necessary preparations. There are missions like that, however Geralt somehow always gets involved politically even though he hates it.

The again, who wouldn’t want Geralt at his side? :wink: Knowing that Witcher possess a set of skills that make them faster than any men with superhuman reaction times that can drink potions to ignore damage, I think that everyone would want a witcher at his side. So yeah, the story thrives over political stuff too.

The levels can consist of:

  • stealth to eavesdrop (though rare) stealth to reach a story point

  • killing monsters and learning about how to destroy them and remove
    them from that area

  • Story missions (most common)

  • Great battles and sieges (part of the story missions and choices you

  • General sword fighting with bandits

  • Unique missions that involves deciphering of tomes or relics (witcher
    2 had 2 I believe)

Yeah you have a very nice mix and most missions feel unique and memorable enough and I didn’t even begin to spoil it. :wink:

That was what I was looking for!

Can you tell me why you think Witcher 1 is worse than Witcher 2?

Because I didn’t play it myself, so I cannot pass a judgement on it. However I followed the story on youtube. But from what I’ve seen, Witcher 2 is a hell of alot more polished and the combat system took a big step up.

I’ve heard so many great things about this game, but never played it because I don’t have the hardware needed. I’m hoping to get out of unemployment by the end of 2014 and then work my way towards a semi-modest 2k PC.

This seems like exactly what my RPG cravings need. A mature, story-driven RPG where your choices aren’t just black-and-white good and bad (ahem, Skyrim) and they actually have long-term effects on the direction of the story…not just changing a few dialogues for a few minutes while the overall plot arch stays unchanged.

The character is already crafted. This is not a blank slate for you to write your own character. That alone should make for a very interesting experience. I’m someone who played the daylights out of Skyrim, and I feel its time to move on. I don’t want that cliche dragonslaying hero narrative, or virtually worthless choices that have no impact on the game, this game seems like it’d be PERFECT for that.

And because CD Projekt Red is one of the few developers who values PC over consoles, it’s obvious these graphics are going to be some next-level badassery. Imagine this game, on Ultra, with some community made retextures and ENB mods. Holy mother of fuck.

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Thing is, this is not Skyrim. this is a completely different take on the classic RPG ad like you said, the characters are all well crafted, believable and you do feel emotionally involved in your choices and progression. I played the hell out of Witcher 2 and loved every minute (minus some combat gripes I had). Skyrim had it’s own strengths over Witcher, but in terms of story, characters and choices, Witcher is your game.

That’s why I love both series.

Witcher 3 is shaping up to be the best RPG I’ve seen in a while and the combat looks ACE compared to Witcher 2. I adore these little details of the water reactin to your movement, the burning effects, the gore and the overall feel of Witcher 3 from what I’ve seen.

WOW What a Reviews!! Only 6 days left

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Just beat it, amazing game, fantastic story, fantastic characters, massive beautiful world, awesome cutscenes, too bad gameplay is mediocre and clunky sometimes

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Yup - pretty much sums what I wanted to say :slight_smile: The game is an absolute masterpiece in my opinion. The characters, the incredible and rich story, mature aproach, soundtrack, amazing visuals (even on consoles), challenging and interesting combat and just so much more… Not to mention if you know the lore - I have read all the mr. Sapkowski’s books - the game becomes even more interesting, you can feel how developers have put so much effort to have the game full of rich details from the books.

I simply can’t describe how much im loving this game. I have already put over 120 hrs into it and still haven’t finished main quest completely… There’s just so much to do. Every decition u make - has the Actual consiquences, they do matter. Side quests are probably the best side quest I have seen in any RPGs, some are more interesting than those from the main quest.

No wonder the game is getting all the praise with average review scores being 9+.


Official Critics Score: 94/100
Users score: 92/100


Official Critics Score: 93/100
Users score: 90/100


Official Critics Score: 91/100
Users score: 90/100

Basically it’s my favourite game of all time, before it was Witcher 2 and Half-Life 2. Not to mention how much replay value this game offers. Put around 120hrs, with shitload of sidequests / contracts / undiscovered places still left to explore.

My personal score so far would be 9.5 / 10. This game set the bar for RPG genre and it’s story telling so high that Im not sure someone will reach it any time soon… Maybe CD Project RED’s upcoming new rpg - Cyberpunk 2077 but idk :slight_smile:

P.S. @Cold_Shadow I still remember from the old HFM how we talked about Witcher 3 in it’s thread - how is the game for you pal? It’s me DeadlyShadow47 by the way.


Where are you in main storyline right now?
Game have some memoriable moments but I don’t want to spoil you things if you haven’t finished story yet :]

Spoiler @Tr3buh. Im also playing on the hardest difficulty (Death March)

Just fought with first commader of the Wild Hunt

You are slowly approaching to end
How you finished Keira Metz and Baron quest?

damn dont know how to put a hidden text in this forum

Hi DeadlyShadow47, good to see you here. I am still waiting for my copy to arrive because I have been busy playing Dragon Age Inquisition and the new DLC on PS4. But I am nearly done with it and Witcher 3 is next on my list. :smile:

I hate playing 2 big RPG’s at once, so I had to do 1 big lore run together with the new DLC for DAI (because I am very big on lore) and since both games are lore heavy I decided to finish DAI first since I have been playing it for the last 7 months. But big RPG’s tend to take up alt of time to finish especially if you do a lore focused playthrough. But that’s why I like them.

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