The Workout Thread - Fitter, Faster, Stronger


The Workout thread, it is pretty simple. It’s about training in all it forms, from bodybuilding to just getting fit. I know there are a couple of users on this forum who workout, and for some time have been wanting to create a thread where we can talk about workouts, supplements and accessorizes.

My thought is that we can share tips, homepages, training routines and even motivation music.

Here are a homepage i’m a bag fan of.
- Homepage
- Facebook page

It’s a homepage made by professional bodybuilders and features a lot of great articles that goes into the science behind training and it is 100% completely free. You are able to find workouts and full articles covering every body part.

A couple of youtube guides i manly use.
- Buff Dudes
- Six Pack Shortcuts
- Elliot Hulse’s STRENGHT CAMP

A bit about my own workout, right now i train every day except Sunday and have done that almost a year now. I hit every muscle group twice a week, and i’m getting more and more into it.

Monday - Chest, Shoulder and abs/core.
Tuesday - Biceps, forearms and Triceps.
Wednesday - Back and legs
Thursday - Chest, Shoulder and abs/core.
Friday - Biceps, forearms and Triceps.
Saturday - Back and legs
Sunday - Rest day.

I’m still a rookie, but knowledge comes from trying and failing. So just like Hitman it’s trial and error.

For some time have been having problems with getting the right growth in the arms area, and decided that my old routine did not work out for me. The problem was that i did not have enough time under tension when training my arms, and instead of growth i only gained strength. So at the moment i have 100% focus on my arms and instead of killing every body part every week i have droped my attention on them down to around 80%. Plus for a long time i was at a cross road between getting lean and as well as building bigger muscles, and knowing now that those two things work against each other; i have begun to eat more calories instead of cutting them out.

I have never been a over weight, but average build with some stubborn belly fat.

My new arms program consist of 8 sets x 4 reps. Plus using the Fat Gripz your forearms will get a lot of attention as well.

Incline Dumbbell Curl
Weighted bicep chin ups
Out Biceps with EZ bar (thought the only thing my gym is missing is a EZ-bar so i juse a regular)
Brachialis overhand Curl or Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curls can’t really decide between the two.

Close Grip Bench Press
Skull Crusher
Triceps Kickbacks
Rope Push-Down

I’m still not sure if i should go down to 6 exercises or stay on 8.

At the moment i’m only using two, creatine and protein powder.

Normally i would not buy name based products becomes they got famous persons name on it. However i was in need of both creatine and protein powder and my go to supplement homepage had a sale on both and they where cheaper then my normal brand. Now i have grown really into liking these two products and prefer them.

Workout Music
Here i would like some suggestions, i’m in the need of some more songs i have around 14 songs on my playlist. Most of them are classics like Survivor - Eye of the Tiger, Scareface - Push it to the limit, Joe Esposito - Your the best around, Roy Jones - Can’t be touched and Forth minor - Remember the name.

I hope that some of you who’s into traning will use this thread or people getting into it as well. Feel free to upload pictures of your progress or talk about your own routines.


I use a rowing machine for half an hour on weekdays. I guess that means you win!


A six pack of beer on the weekend, then I rub one out. I got the right forearm of a steel mill worker.


I tried following programs and counting calories and macros and all that, but it actually turned me off from working out. I figured out that I just enjoy lifting weights for the sake of it and don’t give a fuck about getting big bruh and all that shiz.

My favourtite things to do are deadlifts and skipping rope lol.

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Counting calories are also very extreme, and i’m not a fan of it either. Myself i just try to eat right and keep snacks to a minimum ones a week (Saturday). But in your weight lifting are you seeing any improvements in size or strength?. Must admit i hate deadlifts, but have begun to do them again since i got some wrist wraps. They can be very heavy to hold on to.

Skipping rope is actualy very fun if your good at it, i’m not. Do you train your hole body or is it mostlycompound exercises like deadlift?

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Yeah, I just try to eat as much to gain weight, but not actually put on too much fat. I know this might sound silly, but so far the only way I’ve really been keeping track is that I got a pair of size 30 jeans and I still manage to fit in it, however my shirts are getting slightly tighter around the chest and shoulder area. I’d probably be putting on some fat on my waist if I was overeating too much.
Strength wise, I try to up all my exercises every week dumbbells around 2.5kg a week, deadlifts maybe 5-10kg a week, etc.
Sadly my sleep pattern is pretty messed up due to work and it occasionally causes me to stagnate with my lifts.

Obviously not as much improvement as if I was doing it the professional way, but for some reason I make more progress than when I was doing programs and macro counting. Maybe it’s just that I actually like spending time at the gym now, instead of just getting it over and done with and get out.

Besides compound I have loads of stuff I like, but it’s pretty random and I just do whatever I feel like, but try to keep it to chest and arms for one day and maybe back and legs for another or so, to give enough time for recovery.


Gym to myself, been making some serious gains over the last year after a small time off from working out…it’s become incredibly addicting again. WHO ELSE GETTING SWOLE



Nice what kind of traning pogram are you using? (if you even use one).

Right now i been using a FST-7 routine, I really like it, give some sick burns, lets say it’s arms day. I have 3 exercise for each muscle group, i normaly do 4x12. But on the last exercise i do 7x12 it burns so sweet.

@Scourged and yes that what i meant, i a big fans of bags :slight_smile:


I used to do routines aeons ago but I gradually phased that out. I found that just staying perceptive to your body’s reactions on various exercises you do will slowly let you understand how to properly isolate your muscles that build exactly the body you want to build. I’m sure they work for many people though. I guess I also quite like the spontaneity of waking up in the morning and having a strong impulse to work on some certain muscle group that day… Plus I usually have sporadic schedules and just gym whenever I have enough energy to do so.

So what are your goals right now? Are you bulking/cutting?

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I’m building mass at the moment, that is the reason why i’m using the FST-7 pogram. Every now and then i do some heavy sets to shock the muscle and follow them up with some drop sets with a lighter weight. Just got back from my Chest Triceps day.

I’m a hardgainer, so it takes some extra time for me.

My traning days look like this

Monday - Arms (Biceps, Triceps and the forarm)
Close grip bench Press 4x12
Skull Crusher 4x12
Triceps pulldowns 7x12 (with bar), evey six week i switch between robe and bar. Next time will be dips.

Barebell Curls 4x12 i normaly superset here with Close grip benchpress. followed up with a drop set.
Hammer Curls 4x12
close grip barbell curls 7x12 followed up with a drop set.

Reverse rip barbell curls 3x12.

Tuesday - Legs and abs

Squat 4x12
Leg Press 3x12
Leg Extensions 7x12
Calf Raises 22 on each leg, then 40 with both legs. 20 sec rest and repeat 2 times more.

Dragon flag 3x12
Cycling cross crunches 3x until fail.
i got one more, but no idea what it is called.

Wednesday - Rest Day

Thursday - Chest and Tricpes
Bench Press 4x12
Incline dumbell press 3x12
Chest crossovers 7x12

Close grip bench Press 4x12
Skull Crusher 4x12
Triceps pulldowns 7x12 (with bar)

Friday - Back and Biceps
Deadlift 4x12
Pullups 3x12
Bend over row 3x12
Seated cable rows 7x12

Barebell Curls 4x12 followed up with a drop set.
Incline dumbbell curls 4x12
Close grip barbell curls 7x12 followed up with a drop set.
Reverse rip barbell curls 3x12.

Saturday - Shoulders, Calfs and Abs.
Arnold Press Heavy 3x4-6
Shoulder Press 3x12
Front Dumbbell Raise 3x12
Side Lateral Raises 7x12

Calf Raises 22 on each leg, then 40 with both legs. 20 sec rest and repeat 2 times more.

Normal Crunches 3x until fail
Cycling cross crunches 3x until fail.
i got one more, but no idea what it is called.

Sunday - Rest day

I have choosen to focus on my amrs, other then that i always do 4x12 on compound exercises. Also my rep range goes between 8-12, i always try to get going until i fail.

Before workout

After Workout
Protein Shake (Musclepharm Combat Powder)
Protein Bar - eat it for carbs also i get one for free after each workout. Part of my fitness package.

When i get Home
I eat a Peanut butter sandwich.

Link to SFT-7
I choose to move a bit around in the pogram, since i would it more fitting.


I use a rowing machine every now and then. I win, Mads.

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Never going to reach FP, with that shitty repost Quinn.


Try lowering the weight and doing less, and stricter reps. I see many people using really heavy weight on calf raises and only using momentum for a shit ton of reps. Just saying…


There is no weight on these, just plain body weight. It burns, very much. Some times i skip the rest between sets and go full out. But i don’t use that much time on them, from nature side i got big calfs. The numbers was not weights, but the amount of reps i do on each leg.


Oh okay, then I’d suggest adding some weight. You’re very lucky to have naturally big calves though


I have begun to split it up so first in the week i do body weight part and then i use a machine to do standing calf raises. However i would prefer to doing the sitting calf raises, but as the one thing my gym is missing is that machine.


I just do them in a smith machine…


We have machine for standing calf raises, i’m talking about doing the sitting calf raises. However that also just be done with applying some weights.


Pretty weird topic to talk about on this site. This forum is mainly used to talk about games in general. Why not just go to a forum where they talk about working out. Most people on here are gamers they really don’t care to talk about this.