The Workout Thread - Fitter, Faster, Stronger

The basic principle is high frequency training with low volume. Due to the low rep. range you go heavier then you normally would in a typical split with high volume.

I think I get what you mean. So instead of doing a hundred medium weights, you do like…5 super heavy ones?

Yes I do like 3 sets of 4-6 reps, some sets are 8-10.

Yep I used to be on three sets of 10, now I’m on 3 sets of 5 but with ridiculously heavy stuff! Well, it’s heavy to me, but it’s probably a paperweight to you :smile: did you mention if you did pull-ups?

Not in the current workout plan, but in 2 weeks time I might switch the pull down out with it. Just to hit the same area in a new way.

I’ve started doing pull-ups (with the assistance of that counter-weight machine) and it’s so cool :laughing: I imagine I’m in an Uncharted or Assassin’s Creed game and I’m not just doing a pull-up, I’m dangling by my arms off the edge of an ancient ruin and I’m hauling myself up :smile:

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I started working out too, new year’s resolutions and all that; I’ve never been sporty or athletic and I will never be, but some sense of motion in everyday life must be upheld.

Question to the experts out there: two days ago I took group classes of some pretty intense (for me) tai chi, pilates, yoga stuff. Suffice to say I was the only guy in the room but who cares, felt like intense sports to me. Still today. Hence my question. Normally there’s another group class scheduled tonight, but should I go considering my abs are in pain with the slightest movement? Is this something I can expect to go away as I start the exercises again this evening? Is this pain maybe even a window of opportunity for further exercise?

Today’s workout was the most intense I’ve ever done and I damn near vomited :slight_smile:

Congratulations on getting active :smiley: I’m not an expert, so we’ll have to pass this one to Mads or one of the others. The fact that you have abs puts you ahead of me :smile:

Haha, that reminds me of my first work-out of the year, something called GRIT. Still no idea what it was but it nearly killed me, some high-intensity stuff. I was 15 minutes in when I almost passed out (literally), black spots all over my eyes. Would have been bareable but then the coach said those first fifteen minutes were just warm-up. I quietly left the room and looked for something for starter’s level.

I also have no abs. I guess the pain is just in the spots where they’re meant to be developing.

Oh boy yeah, everything was on fire! When I stopped, I was barely able to focus and everything! And it was only the treadmill! Granted it was sprinting for half an hour, but still! :smile:
It’s pretty cool you do yoga, that makes you all bendy, right?
Yeah the soreness will be the ab muscles, they’re just not bulging out and visible (yet!) :smile:

Muscle soreness is pretty common, especially if you are not used to use those muscles directly. Abdominal muscles is a small muscle group that you can hit everyday. If it’s directly intense pain then I would probably skip it and take it easy, however if you are just sore then it’s not “dangerous”.

Everyone got abs, they are just not visible for most people. But trust me they are there :wink:

There’s a guy at my gym who’s about 6ft 4 and very lean and today he was jogging on the treadmill next to me (I was on a rowing machine down by his ankles). And a girl next to him asked “Why do you come to the gym? You obviously don’t need to work out.”
And he said “This is just maintenance.”

And I was rowing like:

Constant train


Since most of us who are use to lifting have to give up on the gym for a while, doesn’t mean we have to give up on training. Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean-X have uploaded a bodywork homework out plan that help you manage in these times.

It’s very intense and taxing, give it a try.


I love when I hear Hitman references by people who probably never even played it lmao a long time ago, I remember when I was in a store, a Mother actually yelled out “Rocco” to her kid who was acting up. I always have a laugh when I remember that cause she even said it in that irritated tone :joy:

Now I’m just assuming this Mother never played Hitman, but by the looks of her and age, I’d say it’s safe to assume she didn’t (could be wrong of course) but what makes it even funnier is when people unintentionally make a reference lol

Covid-19 have been a big hurtle for me to overcome, when it comes to working out. In reality the way we interact with others and overall daily life have been a relief for me, never have it been so pleasant to do grocery shopping. Yet not being able to workout the way I love and being use to, have taken a lot of my energy.

Early on, I knew that it was a question of time when the fitness centres would also be affected. So I began preparing for a nightmarish world, where going to the gym was something of the past. I knew I wanted to begin cutting a bit around early spring, just to lose some extra weight and thought I might as well, now where we are unsure how available groceries will be (it wasn’t a problem at all).

So I decided on doing a bodywork out routine, there are plenty to choose from on the web. Not all are created equal and to be honest I had no real experience with only bodyweight, so I decided to look at what Jeff Cavaliere from Atlean-X had in store and luckily he was quick to respond to the pandemic.

So I adopted his full body workout scheme and went to town. It’s a great and taxing workout and I can say that I dread it with every fiber of my body. Knowing that the plan for re-opening gyms and other fitness activities was scheduled for re-opening in phase 4, which is August. Only being a week into the program and truly hating it, knowing that I might be stuck with it for around a half year, didn’t really help my optimism. Yet I decided to stick with it, knowing it would be worth it.

Fast forward and skip a couple of horrible training months a head. Last week I reached my goal with cutting away a bit of off season dough and decided to go from restricted calorie deficit, to a maintenance mode until the gyms where ready to reopen.

That didn’t even last a week, until it was announced that the gyms would re-open on the 8th of June (tomorrow). I’m ready mentally, yet I’m still not ready. Because I been planing my return from my unwilling exile and my plan to kick it off with Dan John’s workout program.

So I invested in the book called 'Mass made Simple"

here is an outline of what the workout is about

So instead of just jumping into the fire next week, unprepared. I’m taking my time, to finish the book. I’m really looking forward to getting back into iron jungle again.


Good for you for sticking with your regimen during all this! I’ve had to stop mine but I don’t miss it because after years of pain, dieting and humiliation, I still can’t even open jam jars :smile: I guess for you it’s not a chore, it’s part of your lifestyle because you’ve seen the results and now you’ve got a good rhythm going on :slight_smile:


Going to the gym, have never been a chore for me. It always something I look forward too, I don’t mind waking up early to work out at 5 or 6 in the morning. However the workout I been doing while not being able to hit the gym, have been a chore. That said, I don’t skip a workout and I give myself 100%.

I would still recommend this fullbody workout, I might hate it. But it’s brutal and I can see defiantly imagine reaping the rewards from it, if I decided to 100% with it.

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You know, I might just check it out anyway. Even if it doesn’t make a different, it’ll still be entertaining when I fail :smile:

Can I ask you guys for a little advice about a good workout diet? I’m currently eating a lot of fruits, chickenfilet/peanutbutter sandwiches and protein shakes (+ eggs). You guys recommend something specific that helps me grow better/faster?

A “brutal” workout not only will take you nowhere, but it will kill your motivation.
If your mind has to think “Oh man, i have to go through all that shit again…” every time you decide to go to the gym, no matter how much Will Power you use, you eventually ended up quitting in a few months.
The key is consistency, and for this is sooooo necessary to have your own gym at home, or at least do body weights workouts at home. Going to a gym not only costs a lot of time (and money) but it kills your consistency.
“Fitter, Faster, Stronger” is a mindset, it’s about changing habits for good, and new, good habits don’t grow overnight. You need to visualize, imagine a better version of yourself, have an idea of the person you want to become, and only compare yourself with the person you were yesterday.