The Workout Thread - Fitter, Faster, Stronger


You can’t like both gaming and working out?

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Well this is a general discussion, you can post what every you want here. There is a music, film, last purcash thread. Topics in this session does not have to be tied into videogames, or pop culture. I don’t see the problem with having a workout topic on this forum.

So if you play videogames you have to fit into the old stereotype that we as a group are fat and smelly men with bad case of acne?. Gaming is a big part of populare culture, most esport stars are very aware of how they look, why would it be any different for us?. I think this might come as a suprise to you, there are a lot of gamers out there who are very aware of their looks and makes an effort to look good.

You don’t have to post in this topic if you don’t think it belongs, you are also welcome to join in.


There’s a General Discussion board here too, which is where this thread is. It’s appropriate and there’s no reason for it not to be here.


Yes yes you don’t have to tell me. I already know.

And no i am not talking about that kind of stereotype. Just forget what i said. Do what ever you like.


We had a thread about physical exercise on the old forum too. 619 replies.


Anyone use the proper rowing machine?

Makes your back swole as fuck. Flares up your lats and traps, makes you look like a fucking king cobra

PS: Don’t recommend this if you’re short. Gives you the illusion of looking fat and even shorter.

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No. Don’t you watch any popular media? Animaniacs would not lie to me!

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Shiieeeett son! The All-Spotter smiles upon you.

I’ll have to take some photos next time I head down to the gym.



Do any of you guys have experience with Waight Gainer?, thinking of trying it for a period. Been thinking of buying Mutant Mass, from what i can see it’s decent in price and good value.


Do you count you caloric intake with an app like myfitnesspal or something? I’ve taken mass gainers when I was starting out and I’d say they did more harm than good in terms of my progress. You need to be very disciplined in taking them, because you can overdo it and just be on dreamer bulk mode.

Are you not able to get more calories by eating more? I’d love to have more room in my caloric intake to eat an extra serving of food haha.


Well i been thinking of using Mutant Mass, that’s 1060 calories in on serving (4 scoops) and spread them out over the day, 1 in the morning, 1 before traning, 1 after and the last before bed.

I never counted my intake, but i don’t in general eat enough. i eat three times a day, breakfeast (oat meal and raisins) then before traning i eat a peanubutter Sandwhich and after traning i eat protine bar (* i get them for free*) + Shake and then it’s dinner time, where i nornmaly eat a lot more.

But i’m thinking of trying it over just a month. But i’m not that afraid it will do more harm then good, because i never really had problems with my weight. Not even when i eat popcorn and candy and drank soda every day. Not that i got 0% fat, but i do have some gut, but it’s barely visiball.

Plus i have choosen to use Mutant Mass, because it’s a “lean” gainer and it contains medium chain triglycerides, a particular type of dietary fat that helps to keep you leaner while you go about the muscle-building process.


Well it sounds like you’ve done your research, so let us know how it goes!

Another thing I would suggest is having a look at some reviews from the body-building community. They’re a good resource because a lot of like minded people who know what they’re talking about are the ones that review the products.


Thank you, i have been looking for reviews, i watched one by a youtuber called illPumpYouUp, as well as reading posts on a lot of forums. The most common criticism about Mutant Mass is that people say it’s hard on your stomach. But over all the reviews seem very possitive.

i got an 8.2 out 10 score on Also i won’t need to add extra protion powder to the mix, 50g of protion per serving.


I’m also looking for a weight gainer, but one that tastes good. I bought Mammoth 2500 (banana) but it almost makes me puke lol


This is the second week i’m using Mutant Mass, and i think it’s alright. But not a great taste, it does not really remind me of chocolate, even thought it’s called triple chocolate. It’s drinkable, but it’s far from the best i had when it comes to supplements nor the worst. I don’t enjoy it, like i enjoyed my protein powder from Musclepharm, however i never feel like puking either or any discomfort from drinking it. As i do 4 times a day.


Set a new record today in Skull Crushers/ French Press, a few month ago i struggled with doing 40 KG skull crushers and was able to do 6-8 okay reps. For a month or so my standard have been 40 KG with 12-14 reps, last week i wanted to go further and 45 KG with 12 reps on the 4th and last set. Which went better then expected, so i thought why not go up to 50 and see how well i do. I was able to do 6 sets on 50 KG.

It still need some work, so i’m going to make 45 KG, my standard weight. I love it when you see progression, feels sweet and builds a lot of confidence.

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Excellent work on the skull crushers. My favorite triceps exercise. Gets mine pumped, also I find weighted bench dips great in conjunction with triceps extensions. When I used to work out alot I was getting pretty strong. Now I’ve lost half that strength :frowning: been getting back into it slowly starting with at least twice a week. I aim for 3 times but family life and jobs get in the way.

1 day i do Bench press, incline press, various incline db flyes for chest then deadlifts, bent over rows, one armed rows, and chest supported bench lat rows for back.

2nd day i do back squats, good mornings, calf rises and Bulgarian spilt squats for legs. After legs i do Arnold curls, shoulder press, shrugs and lateral raises for shoulders and traps.

The day I have been skipping is arm day :frowning: for those I do cheat curls, concentration curls, crushers, reverse bb curls, bench dips, incline db curl, ez bb curls, various exercises for biceps and triceps.

My arms have shrunk quite a bit :frowning: you noticed any improvements using fat gripz? I have a pair of lack ones but hardly use them.


Skull Crusher is definitely one of my favorit Triceps exercise. My favorits are Triceps Bench Press, Skull Crushers, Triceps pull downs with bar, i do all three and with 4 set each. I tried to switch pull downs with dips also bench dips, but i never liked it. I feel to much tension in my neck and shoulders, so i avoid doing that one.

My favorit biceps exercises are Preacher Curls, Barbell Curls Narrow Grip/Wide Grip and Hammer Curls. Long time since i did Concentration curls. My favorit hate exercises is Alternating Incline Biceps Curls, it burns so horrible sweet. Going to add it again soon.


Yeah the alternating incline curls is great! Burns though hey? Wish I had a pull down but I workout at home. I only have barbells and plates. When I squat I have to clean the bar then rest it behind my neck so I don’t go heavy. Dont want the wife coming home to screaming babies and their dad crumpled up under the bar!