The Workout Thread - Fitter, Faster, Stronger

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Sorry it took me some time. There are plenty of exercises that can help with strengthening the core. However since I don’t know the root of the pain, I won’t recommended you anything, other than to visit a health professional first.

If it’s just general posture problem due to inactivity and not a medical problem. I’ll be more comfortable with guiding you.

Building muscle/workouts is the best way to prevent injuries and the sport with the lowest amount of injuries, due to preventing them.


Okay guys, I’m struggling a bit much with my weight lately.

I’ve been going to the gym for 3,5 years now and today I was told it doesn’t look like it. I’m a fairly skinny guy and no matter what I do, I’m not gaining weight. A year or 2 back I followed a special diet made by a specialist which added only a few kilos, but after the covid lockdowns I lost it all. Currently it doesn’t matter what I eat, how much I eat or what I try, I’m not gaining a single kilo anymore. Better yet, I’m losing weight.

I’m eating 5 meals a day. Breakfast - fruits - lunch - healthy snack - diner. Mostly bread with chicken/peanut butter/special salads. Drinking special weightgainer shakes. Limiting alcohol and caffeine intake. Going to the gym atleast twice a week, 3 times top. I’m doing my best to gain some, but still I’m LOSING weight. What. The. Fuck.

Do any of you have experience or some advice to share? Currently getting pretty desperate over here.


Well there’s your problem. All the fat I got throughout the years was from drinking stupid amounts of beer with the homies. :beers:
Have you talked with some of the folks at the gym or even a doctor about it?


Well it sounds like what you would call a classical “hard gainer”. Sadly this vague label doesn’t really offer any sure method of success.

That said, If you want I can apply my own knowledge through my fitness instructor education to try and help you. I’ll need to screen you first. If you are comfortable with the process, you can PM me. We will take it from there, I’ll create a workout plan based on your goals. We can combine this with the diet you are following.


Honestly I’m not much of a social person in the gym and I don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers about my problems :confused:

I would love that! Really, I do. Can you PM me with the details you need? I will send them to you and would like to disguss this further. Thanks for the offer man :slight_smile:


I’ll get back to you in a few days time :slightly_smiling_face:


At the start of the pandemic, I started working from home and took the opportunity of not having to take the time to drive back and forth to work to start running again (after a 25 year hiatus). I have a treadmill that my wife used off and on she said I could use.

When I started doing this 2 years ago I could barely run half a mile before I got completely winded and felt like I’d collapse. Now i’m doing 3.5 miles in about 30 minutes without feeling out of breath. I do that 3 or 4 times a week now (roughly every other day with the weekends hit or miss).

I feel pretty good about it now too!


First of all, doesn’t this just perfectly explain how life works? She uses it off and on or maybe not at all (is what you meant) but you still feel lucky she said you could use it :joy:. God love ya.

Second, 3.5 miles in 30 min is nearly 8 and 1/2 min miles. Good for you! Keep it up!!!


This is me about a year ago. Been a heavy set guy for a really long time. Personally I find it pretty hard to pick up and sustain new habits like working out on a regular but I always desired to lose weight.

Instead I find it…I’m not gonna say “easier” but more manageable to reduce the habits I already have, so without changing what I eat so much as how much I eat, I’ve been doing the OMAD diet, keeping the calories at 1200 to 1500 if not less. Although when I first started, it was alternate day fasting.

I don’t recall exactly how much I use to weigh but I was somewhere over 300lbs. Now I’m currently 210lbs. I was originally going for 200 but I’m also considering 180. Feeling better than ever I gotta say. I think some folks would say something like “grab your goals and hold on to them” or something to that effect.

For me though it’s more so a mixture of being stubborn and lazy. Saw the goal and just been laying on top of it and being too tried to get off it. Kind of like gradually drifting asleep despite resting in a uncomfortable chair, if that makes any sense.


That’s impressive mano! Keep it up!


Congratulations, you look great! Maybe if you cut your hair like 47 does, you’d lose these 10 lbs instantly :smiley:

You know I tried that but it somehow just grew back at the same time as his barcode. :wink:

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Well, I have always been an amatorial bodybuilder since the age of 14. I had my peak at 18 then for a lot of years something happen and I lost all the interest till one day in 2017 I regain my passion and ambition back.
I’m going to share some pictures now in the same spot made over time.
Ready for some body transformation?

Here is when I started again after an almost 10 year break. This photo must had been the first week of workout.

This one is some months later. I don’t know how many, maybe 5 or 6.
Among weightlifting I also started to run and do intensive walkings uphill.

Here we are a year and a half later I think. I improved a lot my shape, body fat and I could run a lot more feeling less tiered.
This picture must be in 2019 a few months before covid.
I can now run 10 km in 49 minutes and I become pretty strong.

After the first lockdown I lost strength, stamina and muscle mass. I regain almost all that in the summer and in September I started my first job in a factory.
Before working in a factory I was a Hotel night porter for 11 years. My job consisted mostly in sitting on a chair. Now with a more fiscal work and always walking I started to burn fat really really fast.
And results were pretty amazing.

Then another lockdown came, a bigger one and I din’t weight lift for 7 months. I did however run occasionally and did body weight exercise at home.
I made this picture the first day the gyms reopened. I was pretty demoralized but this time I started slim and not fat. I had only to gain.
As you can see I lots a lot of mass especially in the arms.

This was made yesterday. Thanks to my factory job that makes me always move I am constantly burning fat, this is my genetic. I weight 72 kg
My workouts are for power builders. I have basic strength exercises where I focus to lifting big combined with other exercises that pumps me to give a good shape. Results are great and I really feel very good with myself.
While once at 16 I was focusing on becoming huge now at 30 I focus to stay healthy and keep a nice fit looking body, aiming more on strength than gaining mass.

I don’t have a specific diet. I try to eat healthy for most part of the day but at the same time I have a little sweet addiction than I am trying to contain.
I take a protein shake sometimes before workout sometimes after among with vitamin C and D. I also still run once in a while but can’t reach right now what I use to do so I keep it usually at 7km in 35 minutes.

In the next photos when I will feel like making some pictures I’m going to show you my back. Dorsals are my speciality.


Heres the most recent picture guys :slightly_smiling_face: My fat percentage is almost down to 8% and the main focus is currently on muscle building :mechanical_arm:


On my last week of my mini cutting phase. The abs are viable and just need the last push. While I’m cutting I’m working on my deadlift.

I started from the bottom and worked my way up. Currently I’m deadlifting 110 kg with 5 repetitions for 4 sets. Last week I only managed to do 2 sets of 5 and 1 set of 2 and a half in the same weight.

I also had a wrong grip that led to a little strain on the left side of the lower back. I managed to recover quickly and decided to re do last weeks weight. Next week I’ll go 2,5 kg up.

My goal is 160kg this year. I’ll easily make that. So I might go for 180 kg.


On Monday I’ll be switching from my Upper lower (6 times a week) to a Push Pull Legs (6 times a week). The last two weeks under my mini cut I been doing heavy loads.

Push + bicep

Exercise Set Reps
A) Bench Press 3 10
C) Incline Dumbbell press 3 20
B) Dumbbell Shoulder press 3 20
D) Skullcrusher SS to Press 3 20
E) Biceps cable curl 3 20

Legs + Heavy Deadlift

Exercise Set Reps
Squat 3 10
Leg press 3 20
Leg Curl 3 20
Calf Raises 3 20


Exercise Set Reps
A) Deadlift 4 5
C) Row chest SS to stomach 3 20
B) Cable pullover 3 20
D) Preacher Curl 3 20
F) Hammer Curl Cable 3 20

Some of the days I’ll be doing biceps excises on push day, due to the faster recovery rate of the biceps. I’ll be doing this for 8 weeks, the first 4 weeks will be 3 sets and last 4 weeks I’ll be doing 4 sets on the majority of exercises.


I haven’t train the whole month and everyday I’m hating myself for this. It’s too hot outside, it’s too hot at my job and it’s hot even at home at a point where I don’t have the will to live anymore.
I work in a factory with very high temperatures and humidity and I’m taking all sorts of vitamins to help me go thru it but all they do seems to make me even more weaker. Vitamin C does gives me a boost but somehow magnesium and potassium drains all my energy.
Caffeine does miracles. It makes me focus, makes me very active and puts me in a very good mood. I started to call it my antidepressant how ever I read that it is not a good idea to take caffeine if my goal is to lower my body temperature.
There is one advantage working in heat tho. I am losing water fluids very quick. Its like having a long sauna session every day but at the same time I’m getting ill so quickly. Every 2 weeks or so for the last 2 months circa I’m getting sick at a point where I have fever and no strength to even walk.
I am seriously considering to quit this job and go back to what I did for 11 years that being a Hotel night porter. But this factory job pays so well and I have a lot of free time that I can not enjoy because I am too tiered.

This is the last video update I made on my gains. Back pose.
Currently I weight 67 kg I think since all this insane heat started. I’m fucking skinny but with muscles BUT! I can bench press 110 kg. Or so it was last time.
Next month hopefully I will go back to the gym again hoping to not have lost too much.


Nice man! If you get bored try some planks too. Oh my god they are awful but they work, especially if you do them before a run. They kinda “wake up” your core muscles

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I visited a physiotherapist today. I been dealing with some front shoulder problems that stretched into the upper chest. Having discomfort while bench pressing. I been having this issue for around 4 weeks and been taking some breaks from traning shoulder and chest with little improvement.

Luckily nothing wrong or damaged. My right side was just extremely tight and i will need a little massaging of the aggravated muscle tissue.