The Yuuma Tenacity - Escalation (April 7, 2017)

Level 1: Eliminate Nails (the Pilot) as any Surgeon.
Level 2: Eliminate Nails (the Pilot) as any Surgeon; Camera Countdown: If spotted by a camera, complete the mission within 2 minutes.
Level 3: Eliminate Nails (the Pilot) as any Surgeon; Eliminate Nicholas Laurent (the Chief Surgeon) Any/Any; Camera Countdown: If spotted by a camera, complete the mission within 2 minutes; Big Brother: Additional Cameras.
Level 4: Eliminate Nails (the Pilot) as any Surgeon; Eliminate Nicholas Laurent (the Chief Surgeon) as the Helicopter Pilot; Camera Countdown: If spotted by a camera, complete the mission within 2 minutes; Big Brother: Additional Cameras; Hot Disguise: Helicopter Pilot, 60s.
Level 5: WILD CARD! Eliminate Nails (the Pilot) as any Surgeon with an unsuppressed ballistic weapon; Eliminate Nicholas Laurent (the Chief Surgeon) as the Helicopter Pilot with an unsuppressed ballistic weapon; Camera Countdown: If spotted by a camera, complete the mission within 2 minutes; Big Brother: Additional Cameras; Hot Disguise: Helicopter Pilot, 60s; Rowdy Guns: All targets must be eliminated with an unsuppressed ballistic weapon.

Now that’s what I call an Escalation. Love it or hate it, you can’t say it didn’t start piling complication after complication on us. Doing it safely isn’t too hard, but doing it fast is rough; I’m especially interested in the faster Level 5 runs as I definitely ended up chickening out a bit. Rowdy Guns is a hell of a lot of fun though.

Opinions, insane records, cheater obliterations (because oh boy is this one a cheater-friendly Escalation), it’s all here. Or will be when you post it. Will post my own videos in a separate post for spoiler considerations and such.


Love the rowdy guns complication. Wish this was something they integrated into contracts as well.

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My runs, as promised.

Levels 1-2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

A little frustrating but I liked it overall. More complicated than the Colorado one if a bit more prone to oddness too.

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This was a very enjoyable escalation. Really liked it.
Here are all the levels.

Level 1 - SA 0:22

Level 2 - SA 0:25

Level 3 - SA 0:34

Level 4 - SA 1:27

Level 5 - SA 1:46

Pretty good. Level 2 was a waste to anyone going anything even remotely resembling SA and level 1 was not at all interesting (“it’s only the first level” is not an excuse) but after that it got pretty original, even the cameras affected things this time.


Hokkaido escalations seem to be always good. I haven’t completed the last level yet but I have a plan for it.

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HITMAN - The Yuuma Tenacity - Level 4 - SA (1:22)

HITMAN - The Yuuma Tenacity - Level 5 - SA (1:43) :kissing_heart:This is a great escalation.


Loved this run. As always, educational for me. I did not know about using the phone as a lure. I tried duplicating your run and got caught syringing Dr. Laurent by the nurse in the next room like 4/5 times and then tagged by the camera on the 5th. I also tried luring Nails behind the chopper with the phone instead of the 5mm, but a guard hears it and comes over instead.

Time for a safe-n-slow approach!

It’s still loosely based on/inspired by your run but with a few differences. I planned on disabling the cameras, so I had the morgue cache available to me. (Dodge the camera in the hall per normal, then shoot the one in the stairwell landing.) I smuggled the HWK21 into the morgue, since I never ever have a use for it; this turned out to be a surprising choice, as the bodyguards up by the chopper do not hear the gunshots from Nails’ stash room. In the game audio the weapon has a slightly tamer report; it is noticeably quieter than the Bartoli.

I went through the morgue and came out by the bottom of the outside stairs the hotel security guard patrols. I KO’d him, planning to use that end of the walkway as a body dump and just lure down the gardener and all three helicopter guards. Then I’d end as per your L4 run–take Nails’ suit just as Dr. Laurent is coming out, and walk him down to his doom.

I clocked a thoroughly tortoiselike 7:56, but that was about 5 minutes faster than planned. After pacifying Nails, the gardener, and the first of the bodyguards, I noticed Dr. Laurent coming out to the helicopter. Turns out the phone works on him as well! I just left the other guards up there and figured I’m risk passing them on the stairs. I never had to risk it, though, as they never heard the shots.

Turns out the HWK21 does have a use in Rowdy Guns… it’s seems to be just ever so slighly less rowdy. :wink:

Thanks again for the vid–this was a No Way In Hell™ mission for me until I saw some of your tricks!

I tested it and it doesn’t seem like anyone hears the Bartoli either inside Nails’s room, as long as the door is closed; with the door open, both the HWK and Bartoli were heard by the guards on the helipad, and two of the three came down to check.

In general, closing doors does a lot more to prevent people hearing a gunshot than it might seem. For example, if you use an unsuppressed shotgun or assault rifle in the bedroom of the suite that’s being cleaned across the way from the security room on Bangkok, nobody will hear it as long as both sets of doors are closed. Leave them both open and guards in the security room will hear and approach.

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Well, crap. And here I thought I’d discovered a thing. :slight_smile:

Just did this today, and got 20/20 Hokkaido Mastery because of it :slight_smile:

Here’s my run of lvl 5, this was a good escalation, too cheater friendly tho :wink:

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Level 5 SA (1:14)


Hi everyone. I’m a new player (since mid-November 2017) on xbox. It took me about 20 hours (for various reasons) to get the world record.

1 minute 3 seconds (you have to click on the pic to see the time unfortunately). I can do better by a couple of seconds, but I’m not going to try.


Cool! Do you have a video? If not, can you tell us what strategy you used?

I’ll give it a day and see if anyone can (or cares to) figure it out. Check back tomorrow around 9 am PST!!!

Edit: apparently, I can only reply once per topic…

Okay, so here’s the strat. Obviously, you start in the surgery room with the emetic syringe. The other loadouts were the Striker gun, and 3 coins (I chose Striker since it had the extended range, but other guns probably work too). Stab the surgeon with the emetic syringe and be out of the room at 10 seconds, avoiding the first camera. Turn RIGHT and go down the hallway and go out the window of the bathroom that the surgeon will eventually get to, avoiding having to deal with the 2nd camera. You should be through the window at 22 seconds.

When you get to the path where the 3 guards are, look left and throw a coin near the glass door you didn’t go through. Once you go passed the guards, immediately turn around and throw another coin down where you threw the first coin. 90% of the time, all 3 guards will turn around and the pilot is looking that way too. Immediately after you throw the 2nd coin, head straight for the pilot and subdue him. Drag his body back behind the helicopter, but far enough away from the helicopter that the handyman (I think that’s what he is called) in the corner will not see you kill him.

From there, its all about timing. If you hid his body in a good spot and have good timing, then after you kill the pilot and change outfits, you should have about a second to aim at the window to kill the surgeon. Wait 2.5 seconds after the surgeon is dead to get credit for no noticed kills (something I didn’t find out about until after about 8 hours of runs) and exit the level.

The main difference, as you can see, is that you don’t have to deal at all with the sleeping guard down the stairs (and you avoid dealing with 3 cameras, too).

(BTW, can someone tell me what this record is for PC players? I originally thought that the records I was seeing were for all platforms.)

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You’ve got a long road ahead of you.


But in all seriousness the best possibly-legit times seem to be in the 40-50 second range, I think? I can’t tell from the usernames.

See, now I look stupid thinking that the best time had been 1:14. Where are the runs of around 50 seconds posted to? Why haven’t they been posted to youtube? I looked and the best I could find was GuLe’s 1:14.

Edit: Nakar, I’m only allowed one reply in this thread, so…what is even the route and loadouts for a time of 35 seconds with silent assassin? I can’t even think about how to do everything that fast.