Theatre & Musicals Thread 🎭

We’ve got one for TV, we’ve got one for Movies, why not one for the OG arts entertainment: Live Theatre and/or Musicals?

What have you been watching? What’s been good Theatre popping up near you? Spread the word.


I was lucky enough to have my parents book me a ticket to see “Boy Falls From the Sky”, they’d seen it a few weeks ago and figured it’d be up my alley – they were right.
It’s a one-man show (with accompanied musicians) by once-successful Broadway actor Jake Epstein. I say once-successful, because this is a moving, funny story about Jake achieving his dreams to be an actor, and going about all the struggles and hardships that led him to quit, at least for a time.

It’s very well-made, and I guess I have to give props to the set/prop designer. The stage and proscenium is very open, with speakers, cords and boxes strewn about, curtains removed, and in the middle is a cut-out, small loft apartment set. Lots of things and posters stuffed in bags make the thing feel really lived-in, which makes it really surprising that barely any of it is used! It’s mostly set dressing to convey the tone of his living arrangements, and I liked that detail.

The show is entirely performed and spoken by Jake Epstein, with some musical numbers from musicals he’s enjoyed and musicals he’s been in. Famously, he’s “survived” a good stint as Spider-Man in the infamously failed Broadway musical, which he talks about, as well as the many other struggles of rejection, injuries, famous people he’s encountered, and people asking “so… what was it like??”
It’s very fun, and I hope that if it goes on tour elsewhere, you should go see it too! A nice, quick way to spend a night out.


Honestly, I probably should be seeing more theatre considering I live just outside Edinburgh, and can get to Glasgow in an hour and a half, and both have pretty strong theatre scenes. It’s just how expensive tickets can be and that I hate crowds and people.

Back nearly 10 years ago, me and mum went to the theatre every couple of months for plays. Some were good, some… not so good. I remember going to a play that was a sequel to Macbeth. Most boring thing I’ve ever seen. Saw an adaptation of Kidnapped that was so terrible we walked out in the intermission. They decided to do a “”“fight scene”"" by strapping Go Pro cameras on a man, then had that man fight another man with prop swords, whilst also using paper cut outs of stick figures to represent more men in the sword fight, with the camera broadcast to the scene behind them. I think it was the only time I remember the audience just being utterly silent, I think out of embarrasment. Saw a comedic take on Oedipus, called Oedipussy, I remember that was alot of fun.


As a former stage school kid, I’m very excited about this thread :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m really enjoying the unofficial Bridgerton musical at the moment - the people who wrote it are super talented! Really hoping it gets turned into a proper production and goes on tour because I think it’d be amazing on stage.


“Whispers” Pssst… Yeah come here i got a musical for yer… Its a bit SHIT so watch out:


Careful of those Dreamworks snipers…


Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

Fuck JK Rowling. :transgender_flag:

Thanks to my parents for gifting us their subs tickets.

The play was good, at times. The Actors were great fun, especially at recreating some of the feel of the movie actors everyone’s come to know and love. The special effects were outstanding.

  • There’s a quick change right on stage just 20 seconds into the play, really impressive and had me do a double-take.
  • Plenty of hidden stage wires and characters/objects “floating” in the air, very convincing and sneaky.
  • Powerful flame effects when used. We were close to the stage, off on the far side, for me it was actually blinding at times. Had to close my eyes.
  • Some fun dance/movement choreography to set up scenes.
  • Some good piano and electronic music. At one point it almost goes dubstep which I didn’t like.
  • When the Dementors appear, and one flies over the audience, it was awesome! I’m sure the one over the audience was a puppet instead of a person – wink, wink, Spider-Man – but it was great. (They’d shut down the theatre for 3 months last year for renovations for this play, and I was sure it was because some had to be for above-audience work. Glad to be right.)

  • Lighting is really well-done. The stage is very deep, making the back half bathed in darkness. So characters coming in and out of scene, needing to do disappearing acts, or objects coming into view in “magical reveals” is great.
  • There’s a Polyjuice potion scene where actors hand-off costumes in real-time at-the-same-time and it was very cool.

The story itself was… quite bad? Parts I liked, more parts I reeeally didn’t like. It felt pretty fan-fictiony.

It’s like a cross between Harry Potter and Back to the Future Pt. 2 and that’s not the kind of story I’m looking for.

The second half with the whole “convince-person-I’m-from-another-timeline” was tropey and silly in execution. The massive HP-lore-dump from Scorpius towards Snape was even more silly and fan-fictiony. Thankfully it only takes about a quarter of the second act so it’s over quite quick, but then they keep going with the time-travel plot, convoluting it even more, and… I just really didn’t like it here.

Delphi is actually Voldemort’s child. Honestly surprising because I expected him not to have a child at all.
But no! He does! And it’s with Bellatrix! And they even mention he had a child with Bellatrix… and now THAT image is in my head and I hate it SO MUCH :face_vomiting:

The plot also felt like Disney’s Star Wars sequels, with how attached everything was to nostalgia and previous lore.
Oh yeah, the book’s epilogue train scene. Time-turner stuff again but way more complex. Hey remember Cedric? Remember Cedric? Remember Cedric? Look its the 4th movie! Hey its that Polyjuice Potion scene to sneak into the Ministry! Remember Moaning Myrtle? Huh? Look its Lily and James! Hey you know how they died? We’re here, in the past now, and it’s gonna happen! Hey look Umbridge is here, you like Umbridge right? And Snape? And his love-story backstory? And all these characters teaming up? Look they’re all together wow!
It felt very contrived and claustrophobic in terms of am expansion to the story. I would have much preferred stuff that didn’t rely so much on beloved, too-well-known past events.

The costumes were really nice though. Loved the actor who got to play Dumbledore with the huge beard.

Also this play is gay (not Rowling making a gay love story?!) But really not gay enough. All that just for a hug?
There were so many moments between Scorpius and Albus that screamed Young Adult coming-of-age romance story, but it just dances around it at the end really.
Maybe it was written by her, maybe it was one of the other two writers. But something held it back from where it should logically go.

Best line though:

Draco Malfoy: We. Can. Hug. Too. If. You. Want. Son… :woozy_face:
Fantastic delivery. :ok_hand:

Give me more stuck-up but slightly open-hearted Draco Malfoy

Fuck JK Rowling. :transgender_flag:


I saw the stage musical of Singin’ in the Rain tonight

I’m dead tired right now after a very long day so I’ll say more later

It was really fun I really enjoyed it. Great story about a Hollywood film company adapting to a new era of “Talking Pictures”. They had a great use of pre-recorded effects projected onto the stage, to show off the silent film they’re working on, vs. later on, the talking picture they shift it towards. Very well made.

Somehow never seen the film (actually, maybe I have? But I think I was very young so I forget) but that’s going on my watch list for sure now.


Get some rest then, you need it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I saw a film a long time ago that was about this Hollywood’s change of silent movies to ones with recorded voices too. I am not sure if it’s the same one, but it’s certainly a big change that actors couldn’t get used to.


Y’all need to go out and see the arts more :laughing: hehehe

Went and saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat tonight.
It’s a very impressive, energetic, fun musical.

Based on this old Bible story about this guy called Joseph, a massive “dreamer” and sees great success in his life. He is one of 12 sons of an old man called Jacob. Now, Jacob loves his son Joseph the most, so he gives him this “Dreamcoat” that has every shade of colour imaginable patterned on it, and is lined with gold. The other 11 brothers all get very jealous of him, so they sell him off to be a slave, and the play chronicles how Joseph manages to escape that life using his skills at “deciphering dreams”.

The musical is full of different genres and styles – country/western, jazz, french ballads, can-can, tap-dancing, rock, etc. with impressive choreography. My favourite bits were the Pharaoh’s song, as it portrays this Pharaoh as an Elvis impersonator, singing in that Rockabilly-style (I think?) And there’s also the “Those Canaan Days” near the end of the musical, which has a heavy french ballad style, with heavy-accented lyrics too :joy:
If I find the time tomorrow I’ll see if I can find which cast recording might be best to post some songs


great, didn’t even need to read anymore (ofc i did because it’s you: smile:)
It’s an amazing experience, i think i’ve watched it like 5 or 6 times, brilliant: :star_struck:


Okay, so, Hamilton was very fun.

This is actually my second time seeing it – I was super lucky enough with my family to have seen it back in March 2020, just half a week before they shut down the show and lockdowns started.

This one’s an entirely different cast and they still did a good job. Mostly.
The play is great fun overall, fantastic use of lyrics and music.

To get some negatives out of the way:

it wasn’t entirely audible. The orchestra microphones are probably turned up way too loud, eclipsing the vocal performances quite a bit.

The actor who played Lafayette had a horrible french accent. I think he pushed it way too far, which put it into this completely non-understandable dialect. I barely understood 90% of his lines unfortunately. When he swapped to Jefferson in Act 2 he was a lot better without the french accent.

It’s her big number, I don’t know if the vibe was a bit off on stage tonight, but Angelica was just-slightly off tempo for much of ‘Satisfied’ which was unfortunate. Eh, Live Theatre…

However! I had a really fun time anyway and here's the good:

The women in this production were fantastic. The schuyler sisters had amazing voices, really powerful.
Since today was Intl. Women’s Day, they had all the women cast members and stage hands line up for a bow at the end too! Awesome!

Much of the cast seemed to be enunciating their words for much of the performance. It took away a little from their singing or rapping performances, but I could understand their lightning-fast lyrics a lot easier this time around.

The guy who played Aaron Burr, Manuel Stark Santos, was so freakin captivating. He drew my attention every time he was on stage, I can’t explain it, but he had such a driven, commanding energy that I really loved.

The musical itself is once again just a stunner! Lin-Manuel Miranda may have a lyrical style that we’ve all gotten used to now, but it’s really good! Rapid rhyming, repetition, layering, and a heavy use of leitmotifs throughout the musical and in specific numbers (Non-Stop, The World was Wide Enough) make such a cohesive story and journey through this musical. It’s still very impressive to me.