Theatre & Musicals Thread 🎭

We’ve got one for TV, we’ve got one for Movies, why not one for the OG arts entertainment: Live Theatre and/or Musicals?

What have you been watching? What’s been good Theatre popping up near you? Spread the word.


I was lucky enough to have my parents book me a ticket to see “Boy Falls From the Sky”, they’d seen it a few weeks ago and figured it’d be up my alley – they were right.
It’s a one-man show (with accompanied musicians) by once-successful Broadway actor Jake Epstein. I say once-successful, because this is a moving, funny story about Jake achieving his dreams to be an actor, and going about all the struggles and hardships that led him to quit, at least for a time.

It’s very well-made, and I guess I have to give props to the set/prop designer. The stage and proscenium is very open, with speakers, cords and boxes strewn about, curtains removed, and in the middle is a cut-out, small loft apartment set. Lots of things and posters stuffed in bags make the thing feel really lived-in, which makes it really surprising that barely any of it is used! It’s mostly set dressing to convey the tone of his living arrangements, and I liked that detail.

The show is entirely performed and spoken by Jake Epstein, with some musical numbers from musicals he’s enjoyed and musicals he’s been in. Famously, he’s “survived” a good stint as Spider-Man in the infamously failed Broadway musical, which he talks about, as well as the many other struggles of rejection, injuries, famous people he’s encountered, and people asking “so… what was it like??”
It’s very fun, and I hope that if it goes on tour elsewhere, you should go see it too! A nice, quick way to spend a night out.


Honestly, I probably should be seeing more theatre considering I live just outside Edinburgh, and can get to Glasgow in an hour and a half, and both have pretty strong theatre scenes. It’s just how expensive tickets can be and that I hate crowds and people.

Back nearly 10 years ago, me and mum went to the theatre every couple of months for plays. Some were good, some… not so good. I remember going to a play that was a sequel to Macbeth. Most boring thing I’ve ever seen. Saw an adaptation of Kidnapped that was so terrible we walked out in the intermission. They decided to do a “”“fight scene”"" by strapping Go Pro cameras on a man, then had that man fight another man with prop swords, whilst also using paper cut outs of stick figures to represent more men in the sword fight, with the camera broadcast to the scene behind them. I think it was the only time I remember the audience just being utterly silent, I think out of embarrasment. Saw a comedic take on Oedipus, called Oedipussy, I remember that was alot of fun.


As a former stage school kid, I’m very excited about this thread :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m really enjoying the unofficial Bridgerton musical at the moment - the people who wrote it are super talented! Really hoping it gets turned into a proper production and goes on tour because I think it’d be amazing on stage.