TheAuZZieGamer - Anybody a fan?

Incase people don’t know who he is; He is the hilarious creator of the best Blood Money / Absolution play-throughs who mysteriously disappeared two years ago. He seemingly vanished into thin air, half way through a series of videos without any explanation, many believed he had died, most believed he had become a teacher.

He Is back.

His facebook page which remained inactive apart from posts from mourners sprung to life last week, with it’s first status update in years. It seems HITMAN 6 has brought him back.

Thoughts ?


I never heard of him before. But I’ll check him out now…

Update: I checked out the video’s you posted. He’s really funny and makes great videos. I’m going to subscribe to his channel.

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Moved this to Creative Corner, as it’s about people making things related to Hitman rather than just Hitman news or details.

You have the power to move posts? Have you been promoted to a moderator? Or admin?

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No, I’m just what the forum calls a “regular”. These people have the ability to move threads, rename them, effectively delete spam with just one flag, and post in the Lounge. You are one too, and you have these powers.


Oh wow. I knew about The Lounge part, but had no idea whatsoever about the other stuff. Thank you for the info.

My god, it’s alive! I hated to see him go after my sides mysteriously vanished while I watched his Blood Money playthrough. I can’t wait to see if he puts anything new out, thank you so much for posting this!


Hell yea! he is BACK!

Been a fan of him for years. Was really excited for his Absolution videos when it came out, but that didn’t go very well

For my opinion he is cursing too much, that’s why I dont like his videos

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Glad he’s coming back, I was enjoying the escalating silliness of his Conviction series and was kind of bummed when he stopped putting out videos.

Glad to see he’s making a return. Chance to see people getting blown up on Hitman and hearing him say “Sky fucking high!”


Wow… now i feel incredibly powerful here. Thanks for the info…


I love this guy! I start watching him 3/4 years ago and still watch him sometimes :slight_smile:

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Never heard of him till now. Great videos, I’ve subscribed!

I’ve been subscribed to him since I first became a hitman fan in 2012. His videos are absolutely hilarious and he get silent assassin on everything while keeping it entertaining. Very glad to see he’s back, I was disappointed he left during his Absolution playthrough. I thought he’d never be back

There’s a guy on YouTube called CenterStrain01 who also does Hitman playthroughs, his commentary isn’t as funny but he’s a skilled player and he can be fun to watch. He plays pretty much all stealth games so if anyone is interested in high quality gameplay of games like MGS or Splinter Cell he does that too

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Yeah Centerstrain01 is one of my favorite youtubers.I really like him-very underrated channel.

Its worth mentioning though that he doesnt only do stealth games-he’s doing walkthroughs for a wide variety of genres,for basically everything that comes out.

Yes, looked him up and reminds me of Pewdiepie. He tries too hard.

So no thank you

I thought this was the same guy as Angry video game fag. I used to enjoy his Blood Money videos back in the day

Angry Video Game Fag was fucking hilarious. Not to brag, but I totally chatted with him a couple of times. He is a fellow swede after all