There should be a better way to forbid the player from changing disguises

Presently there are at least 4 types of forbiddance of changing disguises:

  1. The player cannot change any disguise
  2. The player can only change disguises for x times
  3. A certain disguise can only be wore once
  4. A certain disguise is forbidden
    If the player change a disguise that break any of those rules, the mission will fail immediately.

But I think there should be a better way to implement these restrictions. Instead of punishing the player from failing his hard-working-mission, it’s better to stop them from doing it. It shouldn’t be difficult to pre-judge if the following changing would break any rules or not - when the UI shows the disguise changing interaction icon, the game knows which disguise it should check.

So the player’s progress of the mission could be better protected from accidentally being ruined.

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And another good thing about this is: The player will be better reminded for the restrictions through the entire game.

There a principle that I believe about game design: If it’s a grading condition, allow the player to choose; but if it’s a forbiddance, don’t give them the chance.

I think the disguise changing is sort of easy to pre-judged, so I suggest it. I know other conditions such as killing in certain weapons or in certain disguises are very complicated, so we can keep it in that way.

I think what IOI was going for is the fact that “as an ICA agent”, you should plan every move of yours, watch out for dangers, etc…

What I’m trying to say is that these restrictions will end the mission because they are most likely testing how much you pay attention to mission details.

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From this point, it makes sense.