Theres no legacy pack option for me


I cant find the legacy pack on hitman 1. I bought every episode when they were released and when i got hitman 2 it gave me exclusive items for playing hitman 1. So where the hell is the legacy pack. Theres just not an option anywhere. Someone help a brotha out


Firstly, this needs to be in #hitman-technical-support (Don’t create another thread).

What version of Hitman 1 do you have? Standard or GOTY edition?

What platform are you playing on?

Are both games on the same platform?

Are both games from the same country/account?

Have you downloaded and installed all of Hitman 1 and Hitman 2?

Please attach a photo of what you see in the main menu of Hitman 1.


I have the standard.
Both games are on the same platform. (Ps4)
Yeah both should be in the same country i dont travel.
Yes i have both downloaded right now.


What does it show on the store page?



Summer Bonus Episode PS4 problem

Ok, I think that this is first time that I’ve tagged IOI staff to bring their attention to an issue, but this appears to be a recurring problem following the PS+ release. @Travis_IOI.

Edit: Warner Bros. are the publishers, and Sony are the distributors, so IOI may have limited control over this problem.