Thief Deadly Shadows remake?

I´d like to see a remake of Thief Deadly shadows.

Your thoughts on that?

Rather see a new Thief game more in the style of the original trilogy. I doubt Square is interested though.

The original is still perfectly playable to this day.

I’d like to see a remake of the original Thief, although I doubt it would capture the feel of that game. If you ask me, the terrible graphics actually added to the atmosphere - it’s way more frightening to be sneaking past a monster when you’re not even sure what it’s supposed to be. Also, it was a notoriously slow-paced game, where you’d lurk in a dark corner for minutes waiting for the right moment to move, whereas modern stealth games in that vein (like Dishonored) tend to be more action oriented.

As for Deadly Shadows, it was a great game, but it just didn’t compare to the first 2 Thief games IMO. The levels were smaller and more linear and the only notable gameplay improvement was the addition of dynamic lighting.

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I know I still play it. But sometimes I also wonder how it would look and feel with modern graphics.