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I think you need to see a therapist


More like a psychiatrist if you ask me…


No… I was being serious dude :expressionless: . I mean the game explains how to crouch and sneak on the FIRST god damn level so how the hell could you miss that? Don’t tell me that you just ran to the laptop instead of completing the tutorial like 99’9% of people did!?


Was digging around in Blood Money’s Audio files the other day.

In the Requiem mission,
There’s audio for a Dialogue between Alexander Leland Cayne and Agent 47, and he was saying something about not being crucified.

That with the fact if you know about the secret room below Requiem it seems like they had planned to make an actual crematorium or something down there.

Cutting room floor I guess


Holy shit, really? If you dig anything else up then let me know will ya? I’m always interested in beta and alpha stuff and yeah you should add everything you can find to The Cutting Room Floor.Com. By the way there was this old Blood Money interview video on youtube that briefly showed a cut cutscene from the game.


I’ll get some screenshots and some audio uploaded, hold tight.



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I’ve been messing with the noclip/free cam in Blood Money before, but never on The Requiem so what did you mean by the secret room below? So the crematorium room is actually rendered in the game? My bet is they originally planned 47 to be able to wake up in this hidden room and sneak out some other way, perhaps?


Could upload a better screenshot, but you can get down to this room via dev menu cheats. You can open some doors and stuff.


I can’t listen to the file and the screenshot seems to be still uploading?
EDIT: Never mind it works now


Sorry for double posting, but where’s the dialogue between 47 and Cayne?


Whoa, that room looks a lot like the one from the deleted cut-scene from what i can remember.


It’d be interesting to see the deleted cutscene, any ideas?



Chill out, cut him some slack. I like to read about the little details of Hitman and I don’t mind if someone already know about it.

This is nothing new but I’m glad that someone took the time to share it.


Yeah, i know dude and i shouldn’t have been so rude, but don’t you think he overreacted a bit too much?

Oh and i remember watching those videos when they came out, good times :smile: .


Damn, all those people need to come back to make a Hitman 6


Holy crap. This was the first version of 47 :open_mouth:


Yep, though it’s not really anything new to me because i think they said during an interview of C47 (Or SA? Can’t remember) that originally 47 was designed to look like a grumpy old man with grey hair.