Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

First person is one of those little thing’s I miss about hitman. Make’s us more careful in how we play rather than moving the third person camera a little to see around a corner.

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I was right! I was playing Gr wildlands and thought Bowman sounded like Diana. Well, turns out they are both voiced by the same person. She sounds more American in GRW tbh

It is kind of applying to the hole “play how you like” type Hitman, just the way we know it.

I just found out today that the guards in Colorado yells out “Are you a chicken McFly?!” when they are hunting you. In the best Marty Mcfly style I had to show them that nobody calls me a chicken.


you CAN kill Robert Knox with the explosive trashcan! you just can’t call him unless you’ve placed the car bomb, other explosives won’t work

it’s also an unnoticed kill! ez SA/SO (if he doesn’t spot you in the suit)


Not only Hector’s suicide after he witnesses Andrea’s death with his own eyes doesn’t count as non target kill and his body isn’t found and bodybagged by guards, but also he doesn’t knock down or kill anyone he falls on.

I didn’t know until I bought H16 (only a month ago or so) that there was a double agent in “You Better Watch Out…” in Blood Money.

I replayed that game so many god damn times. I was shocked! I always wondered what that blacked out character in the loading screen meant.

AND you get extra $$$ for icing her. Well, she tries to ice you first, so whatever. Can’t believe I never knew that! I guess I’m too good an assassin to be lured by 2006 graphics :wink:


To be fair that woman really looked like trouble. :wink:


Over on Kotaku

Someone showing off that you can SA Sniper Kill Dawood Rangan by leg shooting him off Rangan Tower. Dawood magically gets up without a scratch in a secluded area for the hidden Sniper kill. :stuck_out_tongue:

Timestamp: 01:00 into the video. :slight_smile:

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You can also just shoot it from the upper deck of anywhere in the lab. Takes a scope or a harballer with the 1/2 trigger squeeze to keep it accurate.

She tries to seduce you…don’t fall on the trap :smiley:

I swear I used to be able to see this Stalactite… and now I cannot find it… :frowning:

Everyone fell on that trap the first time. Can’t deny it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cars in H2 are always left hand drive, even if they are in right hand drive countries. And license plates are not localized.

Mumbai, India:

But as a car guy, I still appreciate how IO recreate cars in Hitman series, like this pink convertible found in Miami:

It resembles the real life Chevy Camaro ZL1 Convertible:


Which is odd since Denmark is RHT and all the levels are RHT countries barring Mumbai. But maybe they are all imported.

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Hawke’s Bay is in New Zealand, so it is counted as a LHT country as well. But yeah, maybe they are all imported. Every SUV in Alma Reynard’s convoy is still left hand drive.

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Oh yes that is right all the British territories are. I forgot about New Zealand being a level it is the last level I will replay

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That you can slow down time using specific sniper rifles.
I feel so dumb. :neutral_face:

Specific Sniper also plays Ave Maria song when aiming.

Don’t know if it’s really an Easter Egg, and I don’t believe anyone else have mentioned it, but I just noticed that one of 47 ‘civilian’ knockout moves is based on an old Danish spy film called “Slå Først Frede”.

The Knockout move ingame:

The Knockout from the film: