Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

Hm well Australia isn’t a very coffee loving nation (that or I have a tea loving nation) and since this is the internet it is hard to judge. I mean I live probably in the only city in the world that has no Starbucks.

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Holy shit! I have 2 within 3 blocks walking distance and a peets* coffee and also a Stans doughnuts and coffee (local joint and far better than the other two)

Adelaide used to have three but the whole city came to a unanimous decision: Starbucks is ass compared to local joints.

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Come to Melbourne, coffee is like a daily routine. Every hipster with a coffee machine and a man bun will open up a shop. But Starbucks is pretty much nowhere, and serves pretty mediocre stuff.


Well I think anyone serves better coffee than Starbucks. I remember have a cup in Japan and it was ghastly even by my standards and I have no real idea how it tastes.

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Did you know that Ricos bathroom-bedroom window is a two-way mirror

Streamable link if the embed isn’t working

Did you know that you could kill with muffins, apples, burgers and other throwable things that don’t knock out npcs
Discoverd by otoan402 and @White-Half

Gif is from @immadummee47


You can test it out in a contract on pc made by @Urben
Link to Urbens post

You can test it out in a contract on ps4 made by @White-Half

You can test it out in a contract on xbox made by @Euler13


How in the… :open_mouth:

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A good and useful demonstration of the remote EMP charge by @CHAOS_AGENT_45

Ive definitely slept on this item.


very nice has longer range than i expected. Never would have used it in the suana

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Here are the in-game dialogues of Lucas Grey aka the Shadow Client aka Subject 6 and Rico Delgado.
The two are in partnership, Lucas uses Rico’s transport network for his militia and asks him for some services from time to time (as intel extraction of the hostage) ; in exchange, he promised to weaken the Moreno’s cartel supported by Providence - the rivals of the Delgado - and to deliver the names of the people responsible for the tragic death of his uncle Fernando.

Apparently, the submarine was built for Lucas…

In the leaks of June 2018, there was a disguise of a Moreno member in Santa Fortuna :
Guess this opportunity was deleted.


You can use this, @Hardware, to complete the backstory of HITMAN this summer. :fist_right::fist_left:


I uploaded a video so long ago

On Hawkes Bay if you kill everyone except the target. the target will go into the ocean and drown herself.


I took these photos a long time a go, but never knew what it was until a few min ago. (Btw it from Contracts in the hotel(hotel room).

Found the posters:


Haha, I have both of those hanging in my house!
(I knew the Jane Avril one was in 47’s hotel room, but I never noticed the La Goulue one was there too)


You don’t have to kill everyone. You just have to constantly trigger target lockdown by shooting near her or setting of explosions, after a while she will go to the ocean.

Higher quality version of the dialog between Rico and Lucas Grey ripped from the game:

Edit: Think I’m missing some but I couldn’t find anymore.

















Well I guess that answers the question about whether 47 can blend in at a location where the skin color of the population is different.

I suppose in Mumbai 47 just figured he didn’t need to use his powers so drastically. :wink:

They are trying to convey that 47 has chameleon abilities.
It will be revealed in season 3 that 47 was in fact has ability to morph into different person. So that person will be jaccusies of anything 47 does if ever he gets spotted.

Well depending on the circumstances I too would like to be … uh… “jaccusied” when spotted. :wink:


I meant to say accused. :slightly_smiling_face:
Your profile pic is not visible btw. Replaced it to fix it.

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