Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

That’s bad

Could you imagine 47 just laying there, waiting for someone to wake him up!


Why not? Nobody knows who he is. For the people he just random guy :slight_smile:


So those hippies chilling at the Shaman Hut in Santa Fortuna aren’t as fragile as the entertainers in Sgail :joy: One muffin to their head doesn’t kill them :joy:

They also react to loud sounds or gunshots too, unlike the musicians.

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Using a new trick discovered by VAST win, GuLe myself and maybe more, some impossible lures for the main targets are now possible.

PS: The Yuki kill will not affect SA rating while the Sierra kill cannot be done until Robert’s bodybagged. Also The Maelstrom is an asshole who totally ignores weapons.


This reminds me to a situation in Contracts where entering in Sneaking mode and a NPC seeing you doing so, will sometimes result in said NPC starting to follow you, even after you are out of their line of sight. Pretty useful to remove guards from doors they were guarding.

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Robert Knox’s bodyguard doesn’t like Coconut Balls :frowning: He always refuses them


Impressive work. I admire the dedication :clap:

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Yeah sadly main targets’ bodyguards only reacts to their masters’ requests.

Thanks man. I’ve been experimenting this ever since I discovered the trick. :grinning:

I knew something like this trick was going to be found! Just the other day,I noticed a guard follow me,but as I dropped a duck,I’m gonna try and find that vid

Edit: I found the vid on my Xbox Live,and now uploaded it on YT,so don’t ask “wHy Is iT tHEn poSteD oN ThIs DaYyY??”


Can you explain how to lure 2 or more targets altogether?

I downloaded them all and shared them on discord. These are top notch.

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Hm this is new to me. I didn’t use duckers to move’em around which seems like the range’s kinda limited. My way can make’em go nearly whereever I want.

You’re gonna need to carry more weapons. The more weapons you have the more npcs you can lure. Just be mindful, main targets’ bodyguards are insta-alerted when they see you carry a weapon in an illegal outfit.

So why is it then posted on this day?? Makes no sense to me

So you say if I have 4 weapons I can make all 4 targets walk around me everywhere and as long as I want?
Gather them one by one showing them a different weapon, right?

Don’t they panic when they realize you as a non-guard handle weapons?

That interests me as well