Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

The only think I can think of is the Contracts flashbacks (non-remakes) occurred after he killed Ortmeyer, but before he retired. But I’d have thought he retired because of what happened in C47?

Why it makes zero sense to have 47 doing missions between Asylum and retirement

So, 47 accomplishes four ultrahard hits on one of the most dangerous criminals around the world, then faces the truth about his birth, kills his father and bunch of enhanced brother-clones, escapes from the Asylum surrounded by SWAT.

Then lol why not do some more contracts

Then - oh my God… I killed so many people… I do not belong to this world… I should retire and seek the truth in religion, helping innocent people.

My opinion on this :wink:


That makes sense haha. So yes, I’d say those missions took place after Silent Assassin, when he returned to the ICA. Meaning his first mission before Death of a Showman is…Rendezvous in Rotterdam? Or are we classing that as a C47 flashback because Leuven was doing business with one of 47’s five fathers.

The original Contracts Mission also could take place during Hitman SA. we dont know much time goes by between the Missions. i dont think all of SAs Missions take place in two consecutive Weeks or so, its more likely that SA takes place over a Year maybe.

We can say the same thing about C47, but… Really, this won’t be cool.

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We’re hurting our brains. The contracts flash backs happen sometime between 47 going to the secret mountain thing go join ICA and the events of Absolution. Where exactly? I dunno :woman_shrugging:. IOI have reasons for not giving a precise timeline. Well one major reason (their story continuity is bad) haha

Who cares? I love hitman.

Edit: you’ll remember that the letters in C47 are collected out of order bc…, why put the missions in a different order just to have the letters make sense lol. Right, @Sgg I forget his name.


I thought everyone knew this? If you dress as a clown then guards go “Sorry buddy, the circus ain’t this way”, and if you dress as a flamingo they go “Go back to the zoo” etc


its clear io didn’t thought much about continuity in the whole Series and even less about Contracts. we might need to stop trying to fit everything into one Timeline or we’ll end up like the Zelda Fans lol


Those first three levels of BM should be included, not excluded.

It should be:

C47 missions :arrow_right: Retirement :arrow_right: H2SA missions :arrow_right: Contracts flashback missions excluding C47 reimagined :arrow_right: 3 first missions of BM :arrow_right: Hunter and Hunted :arrow_right: BM missions starting from Flatline

That is correct :+1:

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I do. I like getting this stuff organised and a canon established.

How do you know.

He asked if that is the case if your theory of the timeline is correct. I was telling him that yes, that’s correct. So I’m agreeing with your timeline…

I found out that you can choose the Sawed-off as a starting weapon… but it’s not concealed!
It led to quite a few interesting level starts, as a well as a couple glitches.

I tested it the best I could, and I also learned you cannot be killed before the level starts. Miami was the closest as they opened fire on me before I even could see 47.

Some of these are comedy gold :joy:


Nice montage :smile:

Mr Freeze also did a similar video, pretty funny indeed:

No, that isn’t exactly right.

Here is the timeline.

There are all possible variants when flashback missions (non-C47) might take place.

Also, do not forget that we don’t know in which order those missions took place. We can’t trust the game, because C47 missions are in the wrong order.

And we don’t know if those missions happened altogether between two of the timestamps on the timeline.


So now you are disagreeing with your own theory of:

@Pollisya_Hotel I’ve studied this a lot, even made the timeline map of the events Right here

You’ll see it that it alligns with the slightly adjusted version of your own theory.

That link took me to my current location.
Are you watching me? That stuff was scary!
I remember having worked out a timeline that neatly fit but I don’t remember the details. It is possible in any case.