Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Probably late, but Diana has a tooooooon of new dialogue lines in Guided Training. Probably added around disc release.


Why can I still see this dude? Did you forget who you are or what? :wink:


I don’t know how you got the idea of being an Elusive Poster,but goddamn is it glorious.


This moment when you ask yourself, did he just got active today or did you really missed all of his daily posts since the >1yr he is registered?


Exactly. The first time I saw his post I was like "Ah,the Elusive Poster deletes a post! Ahaha what a coincidence! What a concept"
Second time I was like "Huh…this guy is pretty unsure on what he says huh?Or maaaybe…nah come on can’t be"
Third time: "I am sensing a pattern here"
And now it’s just like "THE ELUSIVE POSTER STRIKES AGAIN…just to vanish in the shadows…yet…again…


I can’t see that vid you posted bring it back baby you deleted it way too fast :disappointed_relieved:


hint: click that pencil symbol on the post :slight_smile:


I know,but it doesn’t work on my phone and I don’t have access to pc atm


After dropping a chandelier on Viktor, Dalia received a phone call about his death. Never seen this before, even remarked on it being an accident.


Ya, I’ve seen Viktor get the phone call about Dalia’s death but didn’t know it was the other way around too. Thats cool.


The mystery of HMF, the @Elusive_Poster


It seems like the Intern Disguise has been altered. No enforcers encountered when I’m entering the Swedish Consulate.

EDIT: Didn’t notice this guy wandering around the kitchen. He’s the only enforcer now if you’re wearing the Intern Disguise.


When you think about it, it is very sad that nobody ever cared for the Intern guy. Nobody recognizes he looks different or went missing.


Well basically he’s an intern, whom the majority employees in the consulate may have not accquainted with, possibly.


You can enter the Consulate wearing your suit an nobody except the guards care for you, not even Claus. The bad thing of the Intern outfit with this modification is that now the blending spots are senseless.


Would be better if 47 in his suit could blend in in all these spots as if he was working there.

EDIT: Getting alot of likes here @Travis_IOI


So, I have question about a thing about a thing that may or not have been found out yet.

By utilizing the drummer opportunity, is it possible to DROP JORDAN CROSS ON KEN MORGAN?

Imagine Jordan falling on a glass, crushing down straight on Ken’s head. That could be a cool kill, much better than Dalia - Viktor one.


A question as old as the mission itself.

I remember reading that you can make Jordan fall on top of Morgan given enough set ups. But the fall will not kill Morgan. So it doesn’t work.


Yes but the fall Will not kill Morgan


Well you can still see him, just that clicking on his tile doesn’t do anything anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: