Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


What a shame. I wish IO could set up body physics in a way that would allow killing other NPCs by aiming and timing the body drop in a proper way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish for that and realistic damage reactions. I want the game to be consistent with its laws. If Dalia can kill Victor then all NPCs should do it. Even a dead body.


Yes, but the Paris one is a scripted event. There’s no specific game mechanic implemented for this, although it’d have been good were it present.


Sadly dropping anything on NPC does not knock him out or kill him.


They should start doing it. It gives the game another extra layer of depth and a better approach. It actually makes sense to knock/kill npc in certain areas just to drop them on the target, with a feature like that new things would start being useful.


Implementing fall damage would influence a shit ton of things tbh. Not saying i’m against it, but it’s not a simple change


Sounds interesting, but you can practically achieve the same effect by other means, like throwing knives. I am not sure how many folks would subdue NPCs and “use” them to kill targets, costing unnecessary NPC accident kills in the process.

It’s a different story if we are talking about using targets on others targets, but then the levels have to be designed to make sense for the targets to be close to each other. I don’t know if players would be up to moving a target from one end of the map to the other end just to kill another target. This could become a disused game mechanic down the line.


Making it an incident so that the bodies (both of em) aren’t found could justify it more,but I agree that it isn’t the first thing that comes to mind and that not everyone has the time or wants to spend so much to set up a hit.


I agree it’s not easy and it would require some work to make it doable on multiple maps,but I think that besides improving the gameplay IO should keep working on things like these (taking their time of course) and experimenting a little bit every now and then with new ways of killing targets and mechanic,all in the “how complicated can I make this hit” limit of course,without breaking the other characteristics that make hitman good. That’s why I’d also like things like weapon customization back. The more we can be free to kill the way we want,the better.


In general i agree. As for fall damage, it does have some upside to how it is right now


Just played one of the Patient Zero bonus missions to find this hilarious bug, I have no Idea how I triggered it but it scared me a little. It reminds me of that one glitch in Hitman Blood Money with the moving corpse. My target was moving like he was on roller skates with one of his arms out. :laughing:


OMG I just approached Francesca De Santis in the radiation suit and she was so surprised to see me that she flew away like a sea bird!!!


Looks like they fixed this guy. :+1:


If you get the sniper rifle in patient zero’s “The Vector” mission down to 0 ammo, it will refill. 50 bullets will be stored and 6 will be in the current magazine.


Is this a bug or intended?


This is because there’s a duffel bag w/ ammo.


In the briefing of Patient Zero mission, when the video of Owen Cage doing the ritual in the airport is shown, isn’t the airport look a little bit like… the Swedish Consulate :face_with_monocle:.

If it’s not then it might be a new location because there’s a fire extinguisher attached to the wall.


probably intended, as otherwise the mission would become uncompletable.


I noticed that as well, kinda weird though since they’ve shown an actual airport in previous videos before.


Designers of Patient Zero missions:
Source: Mette Andersen(Icon was designed by Irene Andersen. Funny coincidence)
Author: Marta La Mendola(Designer of Landslide)
Vector: Toke Krainert(Designer of A House Build on Sand)
Patient Zero: Jonas Yamazaki
Also Does Owen Cage have any dialogue in the game?