Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


At least he has a voice actor. He might talk to the nurses who get infected.


Owen Cage does occasionally talk to the dctor in his room (he asks if he’s going to miss the flight etc etc)


Okay thanks


When Klaus Liebleid dismisses him back to his room, Owen Cage says something along the lines of “Yes. Some rest would be good.”


I still find it funny that most of the People here think that A House Build on Sand is One of the Best missions in the game and Vector is the worst One:DD


Or running out of ammo could have simply resulted in a Mission Failed. Tbh I think that’s what they should have done. Maybe make it where you would only of had enough ammo to miss, say 5 shots… They could have added a funny little dialogue on Diana’s part for doing so.

Diana: “47, you ran out of ammo! You’re in serious trouble now!”

Mission Failed


In Hokkaido’s security room (in the main area next to the restaurant and spa), there is a safe. Opening the safe with a crowbar or lockpick will reveal a disposable scrambler. Helpful when you have 1-19 mastery on Normal Mode and need to get a disposable scrambler to open a door or something.


This is probably already well known, but maybe not to some. In the Absolution mission Skurky’s Law, you can see Kane again (First time is in the bar in Hope, South Dakota). Here are some pics, apparently he is writing a letter to his daughter:

Nice one IOI :blush:


What’s so funny about that tho?


The Letter he writes is the Intro of Kane and Lynch 1.


Intended. Like that other person said, there’s a duffle bag full of ammo
behind 47 on the tower. I just didn’t know about this before.

Also, I said other person because I’m replying by email to get the badge


Oh thats nice. I never actually played those games. I think I tried K&L 2, but for a ten minutes at most.


I only just found out that you can meet Strandberg as the intern if he hasn’t done that already, seems like the “Internal Affairs”-challenge is related to that then. I always thought the disguise was only one way to get into the consulate, but I also had never taken his disguise before their meeting, lol (which explains why I didn’t know about this).


Are you serious:DD Lol i discovered that in the same week episode came out


Yeah? That opportunity isn’t too obvious, even though you can see Strandberg talking to the intern when they meet.


Literally just found out that in Paris, you can shimmy your way from the Lockdown room to the Sheik’s private bedroom above the red carpet. Takes a while, but is a lot more risk free if you need to get there in a trespassing disguise on the second floor.


One of the first things I did in Paris was just climb the entire building. It took 20 minutes, but I got a solid understanding of where everything leads! XD


Yeah, I realise it took me way too long to find that one out! (Over 1.5 years too long!) I know I thought about it before, but never tried it out.


I actually did not know about that…damn…just shows how massive the levels are! A whole path that I didn’t even know existed to experiment with! Truly a great game.


I just realised you can zoom in with the sniper rifle…that Colorado Vector mission was a lot harder than it needed to be for me…