Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Buruk47 found a glitch that if you position yourself properly in the ladder of the trucks in hidden valley. You will be completely invisible to the guards.


Haha, tell him it’s a nice glitch man or woman, or Apache 3


The belt buckle of the Cowboy outfit has the Absolution snake/gun picture on it, which is kind of adorable.


Did anyone know the scarecrow is actually still in the junkyard by the water tower in The Vector?

This guy has magical abilities that can make this hammer fly!

You can’t see this because it’s hidden behind the house, but it looks like some people are packing or doing a garage sale.

Isn’t that the Claw Hammer unlock? Huh. If only we could go on the map and PICK IT UP.

These are all new things that I learnt while going around The Vector with the camera tool.
None of these are major to gameplay or detail, but it’s still pretty cool.


The Claw Hammer is also in The Author I think.


Is it able to be picked up or is it just part of the environment?

Just realised, this is the 2047th post in this thread!


Usable item.


Where is it? I’m curious.


No idea.

I just remember finding it on a PZ mission, but it’s definitely not The Source - for all I know it could be Patient Zero :stuck_out_tongue:


get a vaccine shot and you’re good


Do we know who is this kid in the photo in the Tommy the tailor’ basement? Everything in there is related to Agent 47 except this image.

Also, every newspaper cut is from the missions from Blood Money, but what about the one where says “Woman brutally murdered in her home…” ?


i think thats about Diana, getting shot and fake her own death.


You just found out ? Kappa


Maybe it’s Tom himself when he was a kid :upside_down_face:


Pretty sure Dexy Barat is based off Pink


Quoting this for anybody, like me, who missed The Fixer ET. :slight_smile:


I know what I’m going to do


You and me both, pal!


Just to keep your expectations in check, I don’t think you should expect this to work. The massage possibility for staff was made initially for A Gilded Cage without ETs in mind, which might not be a very good way of doing it, so that’s on me :slight_smile:
However, I quite like the idea behind it and it’s something I keep in mind in my daily work. Hopefully we can give you guys even more options in the future :slight_smile:


yeah… it would be neat to have some “consistent universe rules”. Thanks for the warning anyway. The good news is if it doesn’t work the ET mission shouldn’t Lock-In. So at worst we’ll restart.

But yeah… would be cool if it did work right?

You guys still have some time to patch it in for The Fixer… :slight_smile:
We still remember what happened to The Chameleon and poisons… :stuck_out_tongue: