Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Police Chief and Lotus negotiator double sniper kill.


Yeah, could be. Did not think about that.


@Torbjorn_IOI said it was intentional to avoid possible confusions on the functioning and registry of poison kills.

Sorry if I’m misquoting you Torbjorn but it was either you or Travis and I think it was you.


Finally. I mentioned this in a thread a few weeks back. Glad to see they fixed it


Yeah but there still is a problem: there is a chance of you losing the “Unnoticed Kills” condition for SA rating if you don’t kill the target fast. Apparently NPCs can notice their own death. Still, not a big deal if you use powerful weapons that kill in 2 body-shots. Only noticeable with weaker guns.


I hate this(
20 char


But I have used it outside of story mode on other NPCs other than strandberg. Does that count?


That is was Lasse said, they chose which NPCs react on it. Like a whitelist. And the ET may not be included in that list. So the system is not very universal.


I didn’t just find this out, but I stumbled upon a video of Oliver Cotton (AKA: The Voice of Ezra Berg) doing an interview… Didn’t know where else to share. Enjoy!


Weird how you found that since I did too several days ago. :laughing: Also here’s Yuki’s VA.


I know this is little off topic but i really wanted to share this Picture from Reddit that shows all the locations Where 47 has Been:)


How cool would it be if somehow IO managed to cover all of that map!


I guess this map also covers the mobil games, because i don’t remember playing in Montenegro or Suriname. But it’s a cool map non the less, to see where we been.


If we consider Hitman Sniper, it’s correct. But I also don’t remember Suriname.

Greenland should be added, because training in Hitman 6 is there


Its not Suriname. Its French Guiana and he added it because Its in the posession of France and Montenegro is from Hitman Sniper


Meh, looking at the map he really hasn’t been anywhere.


Changing topic, Yesterday, playing the mission “Attack of the saints” I noticed an interesting thing. Near the fuel pump there is a lighted sign with the word “Ether”. A connection with the Ether of Hitman 6?


… likely not.

However cars that run on ether are very rare in my experience. Definetely not something you’d expect on a countryside cornfield.


Little known fact, it was labeled Ether in reference to this:

It is well known this record burned and was straight :fire:

Naming the fuel pump ether lets the player know to shoot it, similar to the intro of the song and that it’s straight fire flame bars.


i wouldnt expect a Group of female Assassins dressed like Fetish Nuns on a countryside Cornfield either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: