Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


You’ve obviously never visited Somerset…


Today I found out how to record Hitman videos excluding the audio of Firefox and audio players.

This has nothing to do with Hitman itself but I am quite proud I made this working, listening to music or streams without ruining my recordings. :slight_smile: Too bad the Firefox addon included in my workaround will not work as soon I update to Firefox Quantum :frowning:


How did you manage to do that Urben?


@Notex I downloaded VB Audio cable, which

  1. generates a new input device (pseudo-mic)
  2. generates a new output device (pseudo-speakers)

When I assign an application to use the new pseudo speakers, the sound is forwareded to the pseudo-mic.
Hitman doesn’t have this option, so I made the new output device the standard device on my system. This way, I can use Shadow Play to only record the mircophone, forwarded Hitman in this case, and NOT the regular audio.

To be able to hear Hitman, I had to forward the pseudo-mic sound to my regular (but not anymore standard) playback device.

I then muted all applications which use the standard device (this is the sad part of the workaround) or assigned their sound to the regular, not-standard playback device (an option which Firefox sadly lacks, for which I had to download an extra add-on).

I can draw the routing on a sketch if this is too confusing. Trying to do it yourself?


No, not trying to do this myself (Although maybe I will in the future), was just interested in how it was achieved. Thank you for the explanation.


Prologue has different dialogue by Diana now. They literally chanced every dialogue by Diana


They were trying to make her sound younger, since this is when 47 first joined the ICA.


They also changed her line before The Final Test. She no longer says “He did not factor ME into the equation.” She now says “If he think’s we’re bowing out, he’s sorely mistaken.” I personally think it flows better. I always thought the original line was quite cringy.




Was doing the drop rockcicle on franny challenge, and she now goes to the panel to shut off the gas manually instead of just walking straight into the virus room and it turning off automatically.


Maybe I’m crazy, but I remember her always turning off the gas (since at least June 2017) before entering the virus room.


From what I remember, before the patch which changed ai behaviour, she walks down the last set of stairs and walks directly into the lab room towards the virus room. Since the last (goty) patch, she walks directly to the panel where those two scientists are and turns it off manually.

The reason I realized this is because I just did this challenge recently for the first time on pro mode to unlock the second emetic syringe in Sapienza. Maybe pro and normal are different in that regard? Because I don’t think I’ve done the rock drop in normal mode, only pro mode.


Does anyone know how to trigger this jordan cross routine ?


Today I found out that if you are in the basement in the Colorado house and scan the 3D-printed face with the guard behind you talking (you are suspicious), it will open the door to the Tornado shelter but you won’t enter it automatically and the cut scene didn’t start.

So I shot the guard and could just walk in and out of the Tornado shelter. You also didn’t have to view the evidence on the walls but you could walk straight to the exit. Never happened to me before and was a funny experience!


I would imagine you just meet with Jordan Cross as Abel de Silva and then run to Ken Morgan’s suite. Since Jordan walks at normal pace, it wouldn’t be too challenging to do.


Jordan is not entering that roof with his guards during his meeting with Abel, he is alone.


Actually, he is. They follow him. After you push him off, they turn back around and leave. It’s kinda funny that they never suspect you, because they’re right there.


hitman 12-9-2017 9-19-19 PM-404


The author of the video did not disguise as Abel de Silva, that’s why I ask this question :rofl:


In Hitman 2016 in the mission ‘‘World of tomorrow’’ in Sapienza i found out that after you lure one of your targets (Francesca De Santis) on a date while disguised as a golf coach, you can of course poison her glass of champagne…OR like me you can shoot the glass of champagne and put the ‘‘lethal poison vial’’ on the table in it’s place, she will take the poison jar and pop one right into her mouth and die at the end of the phone call (WTF)


Is this the original video, or a “snippet” of the original video? If this is the original video, then it’s obviously likely that the author disguised as Abel de Silva before the video begins.

If this is only a snippet, I would love a link to the original!