Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I don’t want to speculate too much as I don’t have a definite answer and it’s very possible that Jordan has a route I’m unfamiliar with. I know that some targets change their route when specific conditions are met (for instance, Sister Yulduz can be made to take her phone call early, or Viktor Novikov can be made to take the stage early).

As the video doesn’t begin before Jordan starts his route, the author seems to be deliberately hiding how they achieved the route. However, it’s also possible that he began the recording when a glitch caused Jordan Cross to take his Abdel de Silva route without being prompted.


Oh he found out too lol


I’m the one who originally found out about it. I told Bernardo about it and he recorded a video.


Oh really lol that is great


Maybe there is a way to make Abel meet with Jordan himself?


Just like dr Lafayette, maybe you have to wait like 20mins.
Might even have to stick around Abel to initiate a specific conversation. Who knows.


Unused sound files from Hitman Codename 47:


Time ago, I actually discovered the script of these dialogues hidden on the game’s disc files, but never heard them. Precious stuff there.


Hitman C47 has the most interesting ones. You can find a lot of unused stuff in Hitman 2, Contracts and Blood Money, but most of them are just dialogues between random NPC’s (like in Hitman 2 beta Mission 1), small interactions and removed items, scripts or level design notes — you need to use hex editor to find all of them.


I still have a place on my heart for C47. It’s still a pleasure to See new discoverings on it.


Trying different stuff in Hitman Absolution. You can shoot the chopper in Run for your Life and it will eventually leave, then something weird happened:


I did it, but it’s not so simple to destroy the helicopter


You managed to destroy it?


Yes, but not in the first time


The Ghost Sniper one shot kills Bosco with a headshot.


Actually, this happened to me once early on when Bangkok was first released. What happened was that I was nearby the recording studio when a challenge notification popped up for ‘47 Out’, the one awarded when you interrupt Jordan whilst he’s singing. Only, I hadn’t done anything, I hadn’t customised the sound mix, I was just nearby whilst he was stood in the sound booth, not singing but at the mic.

When this was triggered, he left the studio went down to the atrium roof and walked to one end, then the other. Exactly as the video. I used the opportunity to push him off of the roof. At one end, he lit up a cigarette and smoked it for a bit.

Never been able to get this to happen again. I get the sense that this routine is supposed to be there but it’s only seemingly triggered by a glitch. It’s possible there’s a specific way to interrupt him while he stands waiting at the mic, one that’ll trigger him,outwith the scripted one that sends him upstairs to drink from the beer bottle. Whatever it is I think it’s closely related as I am 100% certain it happens when that challenge ‘47 Out’ is met without having done the mixing session.

47 Out

To complete this discovery challenge, you need to sabotage the recording session. To do that, help producer Wes Liston to finish the jam session. When Cross is singing the song, change the jam in the mixing table.


I just finished the Hon-Rui Da challange and wanted to mess with Yuki. So I pacified her and then wanted to drag her through the spa area outside to the place where the icicles were. But once I dragged her unconscious body into the water, the notification popped up that she was killed! I did not expect that lol. Nice touch from IO-I.


i found that knock out someone in hokkaido near the sauna area and and if they fall face down in the water they die :smiley:


Yeah exactly lol



I just found somewhere else you can insta-drown someone…