Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Jeez 47,no chill,drowning a dude through cement and steel?That’s some hardcore shit


When I follow Jeff in Bangkok, I see he has the animation of using keycard to open his room. He only does that in his normal route, not when he’s distracted or panicked but at least it’s some improvement.


I’ve stated elsewhere on HMF that you cannot shoot locks to unlock them anymore unlike BM. But I was finishing my final professional run on Colorado last night (finally got the Sieger Advanced - so good) and missed my opportunity to get into Rose’s bathroom from the corridor. Out of sheer frustration I shot the handle and it actually worked…I was then able to open the door. Not tested anywhere else yet though and I imagine its only going to work on certain door types


It’s been a while since I played on that map but isn’t that door unlocked until Rose comes into the bathroom and locks it? Once he leaves it unlocks I thought.


Its locked. Rose locks it if you unlock it.


so that’s a thing now? you can shoot doors unlocked?


I hope so, but like obv only on certain types of doors. I know it kind of makes things easier but I love “cinematic” runs so I’m a fan of stuff like this. Plus, I’m all about applying my own restrictions so I will choose to ignore the feature in restrictive runs.

BUT - as I said I only have this one frame of reference so perhaps it was a bug? (doubt it though). It was professional mode and the door was 100% locked before I shot it, afterwards, instead of the action prompt reading ‘unlock’ it said ‘open’…and I did and it worked!


Just tried shooting the exact same door, it didn’t unlock.


I was streaming today and shot near a civilian and he panicked and went to ask for help. He saw me and asked me for help, I was confused at first, so I stayed around. He then said,‘‘ sorry I didn’t know you were the kind of person that ignores me’’ or something along these lines


I wish there was a way for 47 to respond like:


something simple and then the NPC stops being alarmed and goes about their business.

It would be kinda cool to create a mess and then have the NPC ask you to come fix it.
Imagine killing someone and than you are the one that tags and bags.

LOL sick


Did you shoot the door knob specifically? I’ll try again later, it couldn’t have been a glitch it was too coincidental. Literally the chain of events was this…

  1. run to door, it prompts to unlock, I press unloc to select my lockpick, then realize I don’t have my lockpick
  2. I let out a “FUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKK!!” and shoot the door knob so pathetically hopeful I was practically begging for divine intervention
  3. I walk to door, it now prompts to open - I open the door!

Maybe it was my desperation, or perhaps it was divine intervention because whatever God is up there knew I didn’t have another attempt in me and I would have killed myself.

Did you try shouting “FUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK” before hand?


People do tend to lock and unlock doors when they enter and leave bathrooms. Well, I do anyway.


The door shouldnt unlock from shooting it but there is a way to have it unlock without doing anything. When you get to the door, it will be locked, of course. When rose uses the bathroom, it will still be locked, of course. But when he is done with it and exits the bathroom, the door will be unlocked.


47 can pull out a Lead Pipe by the fuse box at the cable car area in Hokkaido.


In one of the lockers in Hokkaido there is a wrench.


Nothing specific here, but bring the Seiger Ghost and get yourself a guard outfit.

Just zoom in on stuff. The level of detail is insane. Slowing down to appreciate the minor details you would otherwise miss… :slight_smile:

Different weapons, equipment etc. :slight_smile:


That is never an option


I know right, slowing down pfffftttt. It doesn’t count unless you do a 360 no scope with your eyes shut


When I found the, I decided to take a look at Hitman ( and saw a lot of interesting stuff (wonder if this is old news).
(Decide to show some stuffs that is the most interesting to me)

Felony Misdemeanor: Some actions are noted as crimes, and if an NPC observes the player committing them, they will berate the player, then summon the guards, potentially leading to a sticky situation unless the player thinks quickly. While some of these actions can seem serious like planting an explosive, sabotaging a vehicle, or breaking and entering a locked door, others can be something as simple as turning off a fan or turning on a radio. They will get the exact same reaction, regardless.
Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Guards will occasionally say “What in the fargly HE double hockey sticks is that doing there?” when they encounter a suspicious object.
Hand Cannon: The GOTY version includes a gun that pierces targets, deals extra damage and sends it’s victims flying across the room, no doubt a nod to the broken physics of the previous games’ silverballers. It’s initially locked behind a 3-level escalation, but beating it unlocks it to your inventory.
Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: The Shadow Client criticizes 47 and the ICA for blindly killing powerful people, enabling the rise of worse one while thinking the death of their predecessors simply made the world better. Downplayed somewhat since 47 doesn’t really care about politics and the ICA doesn’t exactly claim to make the world a better place.
Suspect Is Hatless: Every now and then (Witness: He looked really evil and was wearing some outfit!).
Throwing Your Sword Always Works: The throwing mechanic is lifted from Absolution, and thus locks into NPC heads. Lethal items will always kill them and blunt weapons will always knock them out, walls be damned.
Violation of Common Sense: Bloody kills ruining disguises on professional is a neat new idea. Drowning someone somehow ruining disguises is kind of strange.
Germanic Depressives: Helmut Kruger is dressed in black and has black makeup, and is seemingly working with IAGO and Dalia Margolis, so you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s an evil character. However, tailing him (typically as the Sheikh) seems to reveal that he’s in way over his head, and he has his own personal Oh, Crap! moment after speaking to Dalia.
Blatant Lies: Dr. Lafayette can be heard bragging on his phone about having cured Jordan Cross. When we meet Cross in Bangkok, we see that this is clearly not the case.
Easter Egg: On the walls next to one of the entrances to the morgue, there are placards describing the available coffins. They have rather surprising accessories, such as an optional TV-stand and airbags.
My Beloved Smother: Silvio had their sort of relationship with his mother, which causes him to both love as well as hate her.
Rule of Symbolism: Silvio can be killed by a Medieval Plague Doctor, who historically were associated with the Black Death and Death in general, while watching videos of his birth. Also doubles as What Do You Mean, It’s Not Symbolic? since none of this particularly means anything other than 47 has an insane sense of dramatic flair.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Francesca has been sent to make sure Silvio doesn’t crack and to kill him if he does. Silvio is cracking because he suspects Francesca is planning to kill him. Francesca may decide to kill him once she finds out he’s planning to kill her because he suspects she’s planning to kill him.
Does This Remind You of Anything?: A blond Swedish man wanted for a serious crime hiding in an embassy? Gosh, that doesn’t resemble Julian Assange at all. Albeit with much, much less altruistic motives.
Genre Blind: Zaydan claims conspiracies are a stupid thing to look for. This from a man who is part of a massive conspiracy to control the world.
Irony: Club 27 is the first mission in which neither of the two targets is plotting to kill the other, yet is the only one where you can make one of them do so.
Mood Killer: If you poison Jordan Cross’s birthday cake, Cross would incorrectly suspect his father of poisoning him and die heartbroken. It would be a sad scene, but rather than calling for help, Dexy Barat awkwardly dismisses the partygoers and acts surprised when the rockstar keels over dead.

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I don’t like that they mentioned this on tvtropes:

“Smaller inventory. For instance, you have to choose between the fiber wire, bombs, syringe, and sedative vial; they’re handheld weapons”

The inventory isn’t small at all, only the starting items are. The inventory has a limit of 99 (If I’m not mistaken). I get what they were trying to say, but it needs to be reworded.